Geekbench’s new listing could be for a codenamed next-gen iPhone XR

Apple is all set to release its new iPhones on 13th September. Amidst all the leaks and news that are flowing in, Geekbench just showed a new benchmark test for the upcoming next-generation iPhone XR. The listing clearly shows the performance numbers of the phone.

Codename N104

Interestingly enough, the phone is listed as an iPhone model number “12.1”, that’s running on iOS 13.1, and a motherboard identifier N104AP. Some user has also pointed out that an earlier report from Bloomberg that was released in May said that the upcoming next-gen iPhone XR was being internally codenamed N104. Moreover, another report by 9to5Mac released in July said that the iPhone XR was to carry model number iPhone 12.1. All these matching can’t be just mere coincidences and these point to the fact that the results posted by Geekbench are indeed of the new iPhone XR. However, unless there is an official word, we can’t be a 100% certain about this, because results can easily be faked and it has happened earlier too.

The performance results

The Geekbench page also confirmed some previously unknown details about the upcoming iPhone XR and the A13 chipset that it will run on. It shows the presence of 4 GB RAM over the 3 GB RAM that comes with the current iPhone XR. Also, the result has also shown that there are six different scores on the A13 chip, which points towards a similar setup to that of the A12 chip with two cores for high-performance and the other four for high-efficiency.

Apple iphone 12

The high-performance cores were seen running at 2.66 GHz in the result, a major improvement over the 2.49 GHz in A12. The single-core performance score has also increased by this 13 percent, from 4796 to 5415. The overall score for the chip stands at a good 11294. Another intriguing factor was the figures for the L1 and L2 caches, which seem to be unusually low on the A13. Moreover, Geekbench hasn’t been able to identify whether these caches are coming from the high-performance or the high-efficiency cores.

Final Verdict

Although the accuracy of the Geekbench listing has not been confirmed and whether it is indeed the next generation iPhone XR, the data still seems pretty reasonable. However, as long as the official launch doesn’t take place, we can’t be sure enough. At this point, all that users can do is simply wait for the upcoming media event to be held by Apple on 10th September. Although they may not release RAM specs at the event, additional data will flow in and provide us all the information we need.

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