Gear Fit2 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch – Is Fitness Tracking all you Need?

Gear Fit2 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch – Is Fitness Tracking all you Need?

The focus the Samsung company has is the tracking of fitness and activity whether you are purchasing a fitness tracker or just a smartwatch. The Gear Fit2 Pro and the Galaxy Watch are capable of mostly the same things such as tracking your steps, measuring your heart rate, and making sure your food intake is good, but they are also good at runs, workouts, bike rides, hikes due to their GPS. If you want a little more screen to see the information better regarding your workout than you should get a Galaxy Watch but otherwise both smartwatches track the same. What is even better is that both watches connect with other favorite fitness apps and are always staying in touch with Samsung Health.

When it comes to fitness, there is one slight difference between these two devices and that is the comfort of wearing a full-on smartwatch or a dedicated fitness band. The Galaxy Watch is a pretty compact device at least with its size measuring 42mm, but sometimes it is harder to use it depending on the type of workout you are going for like swimming or weightlifting. You should also be considerate the fact that you need to wear it every day and maybe you are a person who does not feel comfortable with wearing a full watch in a day to day basis. Perhaps a smaller fitness band would be better for you so you would not even feel it on your wrist. The Gear Fit2 Pro, for example, can be worn every day because it is light and also gives you the opportunity to look good with a mechanical watch on your free wrist.

If we are still talking about sizes, thanks to that the Galaxy Watch is capable of doing a lot more than the Gear Fit2 Pro. You can view all the information you need on the sizeable circular display this full smartwatch provides. For example, you can respond to messages, read, check the calendar, the weather, your fitness goals, your heart rate, your sleep information and everything you want and can find in the customizable widgets. If you are more like a person who uses apps with the specific functionality you can install them too.

Galaxy watch has that rotating bezel and larger screen, but it also makes every interaction simpler. You can move between screens, see information on each of them and so on. You can also use LTE on this smartwatch so you will have the music you like for that workout.

You can connect the Get Fit2 Pro to your phone as well if you want but you will need to use Bluetooth to read your notifications, and this is the only function that a fitness band cam provides similar to a proper smartwatch. If you want a watch specifically for the fitness and activity tracking than you should get the Gear Fit2 Pro, but do not buy it expecting to receive what we said Samsung Galaxy Watch offers.

Price is a major consideration

Gear Fit2 Pro is usually chosen by people who are on a budget because it is a limited and smaller device, so its price is more affordable. It costs less than half the price of the Galaxy Watch, and it comes with the same fitness tracking capabilities and some other advantages such as more comfort, smaller size and the ability to wear it while working out every day.

If the price is not a problem for you, then you should stick with the Galaxy Watch instead so you would have both a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. There is no downside to fetting the Galaxy Watch over the other one except for its price and larger size. It is easy to choose if you are not on a budget.

Get that Galaxy Watch

If you want to have more than a fitness tracker than you should choose the Galaxy Watch. It is twice the price and a little more than the Gear Fit2 Pro but everything it has additional you will use in your life. This is the wearable for you if you do not mind paying a little higher price.



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