Gamers in Dilemma: Bully 2 Might be Cancelled While GTA VI Might Receive an Early Welcome

Gamers in Dilemma: Bully 2 Might be Cancelled While GTA VI Might Receive an Early Welcome

Published by Rockstar Games, the video game Bully was released in 2006. According to Review Aggregator Metacritic, the game that is based on an action-adventure theme received ‘generally favorable’ reviews from the critics.

Shelved without any reason

According to two anonymous sources who got in touch with The Video Game Chronicle, the company spent more than two years creating Bully 2. The sources who claimed to be Rockstar insiders also stated that the production eventually came to a halt. According to them, a playable demo was created for testing by the England division but without providing any specific reasons, the production was put to a stop.

The sources have also said that the team involved in creating Bully 2 has already been assigned new projects. In the past, rumors relating to the release of the sequel in a year or two were highly speculated. The same anonymous sources could not provide any confirmation on any production details or release dates.

Bully 2 Leak

These leaked reports have sparked new rumors that are related to GTA VI. They mention that the development of Bully 2 took three years whereas, for Red Dead Redemption 2, it took over eight years. A mention of ‘other projects’ hinted that after the completion of Bully 2, some members of the team could have been part of Western’s 2018 development. ‘Other Projects’ also hints of more than one game development during mid-2013.

Grand Theft Auto VI

After the launch of GTA V in September of 2013, there have been no other releases from Rockstar excluding its updates and Red Dead Redemption 2.This supposedly means that the part of the Bully 2 team could have been involved in GTA VI development.

There have been no official reports from Rockstar yet. People have already started speculating the possibilities of GTA VI online, like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett are expected to hit the markets soon.

Popularly known as GTA, Grand Theft Auto has huge popularity among teen and adult gamers. Leaked sources also suggest that the next chapter will be a rip-off of ‘Narcos’, the popular Netflix series. A number of leaked reports claim that the codename of this chapter is ‘Project Americas’. Fictional New York City and Miami that are Liberty City and Vice City respectively will feature in the game. As per rumors on Reddit, San Andreas might also be a part of this chapter. GTA V gained recognition and success across the world. Fans can’t help but be excited about the next part.

While there is no concrete evidence to support these rumors, the reports have left Bully fans saddened whereas GTA VI stands as a ray of hope.



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