Can Samsung Galaxy S8 Steal iPhone 8 Consumers This Year?

Can Samsung Galaxy S8 Steal iPhone 8 Consumers This Year?

It is not a big secret anymore that Samsung the biggest rival of Apple, especially when it comes to smartphones. Every year, we always see iPhone and Galaxy series compete to attract the consumers. Apple started by implementing the new innovation and the latest technologies to promoting new features on their OS. Moreover, the design is also one of the important parts of a smartphone. This year iPhone 8 will face the new gen of Samsung Galaxy S8.

Leaked images and rumors: Galaxy S8 VS iPhone 8

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung will soon unveil their new flagship. Galaxy S8 will not be a mystery anymore on March 28. Many rumors and leaked images have been circulating. Most of them suggest the device will have a bezel-less design, as it’s posted recently on Weibo and Slashleaks. Those leaked images show the new design of Galaxy S8 without the physical button in order to support the narrowed bezels. It also has the edge-to-edge display. This leaked image is likely to be the final one.

Can Samsung Galaxy S8 Steal iPhone 8 Customers This Year?

The rumors suggest Galaxy S8 will run on the latest Qualcomm processor, Snapdragon 835 or a comparable Samsung Exynos chipset abroad. It will also use 4GB of RAM, better camera and battery life for sure. When it comes to screen technology, S8 is expected to feature 5.8-inch super AMOLED display.

iPhone 8

Apple will probably introduce their new iPhone gen on their September event, coincide with iPhone’s 10th anniversary. Regarding the naming of the device, some rumors suggested iPhone 10th anniversary, “The iPhone”, or iPhone edition, instead of iPhone 8. But, as for now, we prefer to call it iPhone 8.

Even though its release date is still a couple months ahead, many people are already over excited about it. They believe, iPhone 8 will have huge changes, foremost in terms of design and some new features.

Can Samsung Galaxy S8 Steal iPhone 8 Customers This Year?

The main rumor told that iPhone 8 will finally adopt OLED display. Therefore, the flagship with an edge-to-edge bezel-less display can be possible to happen. The other interesting feature that even Samsung Galaxy S8 cannot beat it, is facial recognition feature to replace fingerprint scanner. Similar to Galaxy S8, iPhone might eliminate the Home button to support bezel-less display design.

According to rumors, the new gen of iPhone is expected to run iOS 11, Apple A11 processor, and 3GB of RAM. Moreover, it will also have a 3D front facing camera, and long range wireless charging.

iPhone 8 selling is predicted will outperform S8

AMOLED VS OLED: average consumers don’t really care about it

Samsung Galaxy S8 will come first before iPhone 8, with a similar design, that is an edge-to-edge and bezel-less display. This Samsung flagship reportedly will use the latest and the best super AMOLED display technology. This year is going to be the first time for iPhone to adopt OLED display technology and Samsung will be the only manufacturer who can meet its supply. Therefore, Galaxy S8 will have a better display technology than iPhone 8. Ironically, many people don’t care about it. Some of them probably don’t understand the difference between AMOLED and OLED. As it is told by Ryan Reith – an analyst at IDC – to Forbes,

“I don’t think the average consumer understands LCD Vs. OLED so I don’t think it will hurt them.
My guess is Apple will put its magical marketing spin in its OLED iPhone (like they did with the term ‘Retina’) in order to justify the upsell, but overall I don’t think Samsung having OLED across their portfolio will hurt Apple,”

Galaxy S8 lacks “attractive selling points”

Even though Galaxy S8 will be launched a few months earlier, it seems it won’t steal iPhone’s consumers. They might not be affected by S8 new design as well. Both of devices might have the similar design: edge-to-edge bezel-less display and will eliminate physical button.

According to Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI, the demand for Galaxy S8 will be declined compared to Galaxy S7. As they explained in their investor note,

“We project Galaxy S8 shipments of 40-45mn units in 2017F, implying slower momentum compared to Galaxy S7 in 2016 (around 52mn units shipped), attributable to: (1) a one-month difference in comparable sales period;

(2) Galaxy S7 was Samsung’s main promotional flagship model in 4Q16 after termination of Galaxy Note 7 due to the battery explosion issue, hence the higher sales base;

(3) as Galaxy S8 lacks sufficiently attractive selling points (except full-screen design), the OLED iPhone could well be a bigger draw for consumers.”

Furthermore, the data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech that was released in January shown iPhone 7 led the smartphone sales share in 7 of 10 key regions.

Can Samsung Galaxy S8 Steal iPhone 8 Customers This Year?

iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 6s were the three most popular smartphones in the US at the beginning of the holiday period, for a combined 31.3% share. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge were the fourth and fifth best-selling phones in the US, with Samsung capturing 28.9% of smartphone sales.

Therefore, if Kuo’s prediction is going to be true, Samsung should think about the new market strategy to increase their S8 sales.

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