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Galaxy S11: Samsung Tests the Periscope Camera Technology for its 2020 Flagship

A leaked image from South Korea has surfaced which confirms that Samsung is working on a periscope camera like the Huawei P30 Pro. Samsung calls it folded zoom technology but the working is similar to Huawei’s periscope camera.

The picture of the component was posted by the famous Korean news site, the Elec. This is a test socket which was supplied to Samsung by Mechatech Systems, a Korean firm that manufactures testing equipment for different smartphone modules.

Galaxy S11 periscope camera

According to sources in the industry, the test socket supplied will be used to test the new folded zoom camera by Samsung. There are also rumors that the camera will feature a 5x optical zoom for the Galaxy S11. The primary camera on the device will be the 108MP ISOCELL sensor by Samsung which was earlier seen in the Mi Mix 4 by Xiaomi.

There are many features of folded zoom cameras in smartphones, it allows a large sensor to be fit inside a device without making it thicker. Periscope lenses can also provide better image stabilization.

Samsung has also uploaded a video where it explains why a periscope camera is needed and how it is implemented.

In the video, you can see how using previous camera implementations, it was not possible to have more than five times optical zoom in a mobile phone. The camera module became more protruded when the more optical zoom was added.

The problem was solved by placing the camera module vertically and reflecting the oncoming light towards it like a periscope. In the folded zoom camera, light is bent at a 90-degree angle using a prism. The image can be focused on using a set of lenses before the light rays fall on the sensor.

Another feature that is rumored to be present on the Galaxy S11 is the spectrometer, which can be used to gauge the chemical components of different items. It can be used to check the calorie values of different food items, as well as the alcohol content in drinks.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is codenamed Picasso and is expected to launch in early 2020.

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