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Galaxy S10 5G on Verizon and Sprint’s LG V50 ThinQ Go Live

5G phones are officially coming out in the US market and this is, without doubt, the dawn of a new era for mobile connectivity. Verizon has launched the new Samsung Galaxy S10 5G smartphone whereas its next big competitor, Sprint, has now started taking pre-orders for the new LG V50 ThinQ 5G edition. They have also opened pre-orders for the HTC 5G Hub which helps older smartphones and devices make use of a 5G network.

Samsung is at the top of the game, obviously because the Galaxy S10 series smartphones are among the best devices released in recent times and it has been a great success among buyers. Despite slumping sales of smartphones in general, the company managed to make reliable devices that are worth one’s money. Samsung launched the 4G variant of the phone in the first quarter of 2019 and as promised, the 5G smartphones are getting launched in the United States as a Verizon exclusive.

Upon its release, one should be able to choose between the two-color variants available – Crown Silver and Majestic Black. The top of the line variant with 512GB of storage costs a whopping $1,399 while the 256GB variant costs about $1,299. For most buyers, this pricing is out of the charts, which is why Verizon provides easy monthly instalment payment plans. One can pay $54.16 every month to own the versions with lesser storage, whereas, the higher end versions cost about $58.33. The contract term is for two years and in order to make use of its 5G capabilities, be ready to shell out $10 extra.

Verizon is planning to expand its 5G coverage in at least 30 US cities before the end of 2019 and in order to make use of it, one will have to pay the additional cost for one of the 5G plans offered by the cellular network. Further savings in cost can be availed by trading in an eligible flagship phone for about $450 or opting for payment through prepaid Mastercard and getting cash discount of $200 to sign up for the Verizon Unlimited plan.

On the other end, Sprint offers LG V50 ThinQ for just $24 a month and with an 18 month lease period. At the end of this period, one would have covered the full cost of the phone which is about $1,152. They also offer an Unlimited Premium plan for 5G customers, for $80 a month. This plan provides unlimited phone calls, text, free Hulu, Tidal, Amazon Prime and a couple of other subscriptions to provide additional value for the money.

Sprint is also taking pre-orders for the HTC 5G Hub which acts as a connectivity device for phones and tablets that do not have 5G chipset on them. The company has its network available in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston City and is expected to expand to more prominent cities in the following months.

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