Galaxy Bloom will be the Name of the Next Foldable Device from Samsung

Galaxy Bloom will be the Name of the Next Foldable Device from Samsung

Samsung has decided to call its next foldable device the Samsung Galaxy Bloom and there is a whole lot of background story to this. The details have been revealed through South Korean sources which claim there was a meeting held by D.J. Koh, who is the CEO of Samsung’s mobile division, on the sidelines of the CES 2020, currently on in the US city of Las Vegas. The meeting he had was with some of Samsung’s partners and representatives from the carriers and was secret in nature. Someone who attended this meeting has let out the details.

The Clamshell Vertical Fold Inspired by Lancome’s Compact

Lancome is a cosmetic brand from France and is quite popular among women. It has now been revealed that the South Korean major decided on the clamshell design for its next foldable smartphone to resemble the compact. There are images with the partially opened Samsung Galaxy Bloom and the Lancome compact and the similarity does come through.

If you were wondering about this name of the model, this has also been disclosed now that the new foldable device will be called the Samsung Galaxy Bloom.

Galaxy Bloom

Device to be Targeted at Young Ladies

It has also been disclosed that Samsung has evolved a marketing strategy in which the new foldable device will be targeted at females in the age group of 20+. It is claimed the name Bloom itself has been chosen with this perspective. The report on this claims that Samsung had done its homework and found that women in this age group were not such prolific users of smartphones. There are no additional details to support how the company arrived at this conclusion. It is not clear when the survey was carried out or in which market. The important part here is that the company took this stand and then started building this foldable device around this concept. When folded, the Samsung Galaxy Bloom will be almost the same size as the compact and will be easy for the women to carry in their handbags.

South Korea the Key Market for the Company

The report from South Korea further adds that Samsung will be releasing the 5G version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold in its home market while the Samsung Galaxy Bloom will have the 4G versions too, apart from the 5G versions. These are specifically for the South Korean markets at present. The display on the new foldable phone is described as Ultra-Thin Glass or UTG. The first foldable phone, Galaxy Fold, has a plastic film as the display medium. The Samsung Galaxy Bloom will have 8K video recording capabilities as well.

In all likelihood, the Samsung Galaxy Bloom will be the fourth smartphone to be unveiled at the Galaxy Unpacked event scheduled for February 11, 2020.



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