The Future Android P Needs Audio Port Control

Android Oreo has been the most desired OS for Android smartphone owners in 2017. Even so, the controversial decision of removing the 3.5mm audio jack on the Pixel 2 has triggered discontent for many.

Google decided to copy Apple?

The removal of the most traditional feature: Apple iPhone and replacing it with a USB Type-C has made many say that this was done to follow Apple’s footsteps. Even if today the scandal has died off, there are still many people who ask for better control of the audio port through Android’s operating systems.

Apparently, the Pixel 2 phone cannot play music using the type-C USB port efficiently. That happens due to Android setting up the ports for one directional use.

2018 is the year of Android P

This year a new Android operating system will be released: Android P. Android fans are excited, but at the same time they wish Google would offer a tweak allowing them to toggle the USB Type-C port for charging and audio mode.

Android P?

Right now we are a couple of months away to receive the newest Android operating system. Many wonder what will be the name of Android 9.0. Some have already named it “Petit Four”. Petit Four are French cakes and they come in several varieties, both savory and sweet.

Others are thinking about an American Favorite: Pound Cake. This classic cake is not the most appealing dessert available but it is American, just like Google.

Those who are thinking about Pastille are probably UK citizens and enjoy these sweet, fruity treats, dusted with sugar.

A favorite codename is Popsicle. The name is catchy and the frozen dessert is yummy. It is one of the favorite  nicknames available so far, together with Android Pancake.

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