How To Free Up Storage Space On Nexus 6

Smartphones are much more than just phones. We can store the files on them, we can install apps, keep the photos we took and videos we recorded, and so on. After some period of time, we may face the storage problem, in which case the action is required to free up that space and make some room for new files. But not just that, when you’re running out of storage space, you may notice that your device is running slow or occasionally freezes. In this article, we are going to share a few simple tips to show you how to free up storage space on Nexus 6. This will not require too much effort or time, so let’s get started.

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How to free up storage space on Nexus 6


Clear cache for all the apps on your Nexus 6

Let’s start with the basics. Every once in a while you should apps cache, and instead of doing so for each app separately, you can clear cache for all the apps you have on your Nexus 6. Navigate to Settings and tap on Storage & USB. Click on Cached data and then tap OK. That’s all you need to do to clear cache.


Remove the apps you don’t need or use

If you have the habit as many of us, to download tons of apps from the Play Store and then forget to remove them, it’s advisable to do so now. Go to Settings, tap on Apps and then go through the applications you installed and see which ones you no longer need or use. Tap on the application you wish to delete from your device, and then click Uninstall. You will probably be surprised with the number of apps you downloaded, so just get rid of them to free up some storage space.


Backup or copy the files to your computer and then delete them from your Nexus 6

You can backup the files or simply copy them to your computer. If you have tv shows, movies, photos, videos, and so on, use the USB cable and move them. Once you do so, delete those files from your device. It so easy to free up the storage space not only on our phones but on our computers as well. We have Google Drive and many other options where we can backup all that is important to us, and then simply delete those things from the computer or smartphone.



All these things are pretty simple, but we often completely forget to do this until we notice some issue. Usually, the message saying “Insufficient storage available” is a reminder that you need to clean things up and make some room. For all the things we mentioned above, all you need is a little time and a bit of patience and you will be done. So, clear the cache, delete some apps and backup or copy your files to your computer. It is that simple!




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