Foxconn Will Make a Deal With “Light” The Company Behind Advance Selfie camera

Foxconn is the biggest company in contract manufacturing of electronic devices. One of their biggest clients is Apple. Foxconn is responsible for the iPhone assembly and also for some series of Mac. Recently, they announced that on next Tuesday Foxconn will make a deal with “Light”, a startup company focused on making selfie cameras, with a low production cost and it’s directed for the industry of the smartphones. Foxconn is licensing Light’s technology for use in mobile devices and is investing an undisclosed amount in the company. Last year, Light raised $9.7 million from investors including Bessemer Venture Partners and Charles River Ventures.

Foxconn Will Make a Deal With "Light" The Company Behind Advance Selfie camera

Light is still in the early stages, as it doesn’t yet have a prototype of a full product completed. For now, it just has the camera modules and its pictures can be combined with its software. But, the startup says it expects the first Light cameras, with 52-megapixel resolution, to appear in the smartphone industry in 2017. The selfie became so popular among people of all ages, so is the potential of hardware selfie camera’s business that will also increase. That is why the consideration of the Foxconn to make a deal with Light is not surprising at all.

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One of the main question is: Will their cooperation will lead to a ready technology so they can offer some deals to the biggest smartphone manufacturers, for instance Apple for their iPhone? Will Apple consider such an offer? Probably not, for one very simple reason. The part of the Apple’s tradition is not to use a technology that they cannot control. So, this cooperation will probably be directed to some other companies. Recently, Apple acquired Israeli company called LinX that could bring DSLR and 3D mapping to the future iPhones.

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