Fourth Developer Preview of Android O and August Security Patch for Pixel Devices

Google is one of the most influential and popular tech companies in the entire world. This week seems to be a very busy one as far as Google news is concerned. Today we have two separate pieces of news to discuss with you, and they have to do with Android O and the August security patch. So let’s begin in the order we mentioned them.

Fourth Developer Preview of Android O

If you’re an Android user or just a tech enthusiast in general, you most likely know that Google developers and also public beta testers are working long and hard on finishing up the final and stable version of Android O, or Android 8.0.0, as it was introduced by the third developer preview. Well, the third one served its purposes and now the fourth developer preview of Android O is coming.

Android O will officially launch this fall if everything goes as planned. Even though the new operating system burned through its first three developer previews quite quickly, it took the fourth one quite a bit of time to come, which means that Google is working long and hard on fixing every single issue and perfecting the operating system so that the final stable version is amazing.

August Security Patch

The August security patch is coming as well, but only to some select Pixel XL devices. There isn’t a lot of certainty surrounding this so far and we don’t know what it brings or why it came at the same time with the fourth developer preview of Android O. But it will most likely come with some update that have to do with Android O 8.0.0, as well as other routine bug fixes, security flaw solutions and other enhanced performance matters.

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