Fortnite Patch v4.2: Everything You Need to Know

Fortnite Patch v4.2: Everything You Need to Know

Epic Games has launched the most recent Fortnite patch with the v4.2 Content Update, and it has a couple of increases to the game that fans have invested months requesting.

Here’s a glance at all of the most significant changes from the update.


Truth is stranger than fiction. Following three months of incidentally prodding fans, Epic has, at last, placed jetpacks in Battle Royale. The thing takes up a stock space and falls into a radically new class of things called, “rucksacks.”

Players can prepare one backpack at any given moment, and it will incidentally supplant their back bling when it’s gotten. To utilize the jetpack, press the jump button in mid-air, and you’ll take off. In the wake of being utilized, the jetpack should quickly recharge before it can be used once more. As per Epic, jetpacks may be a constrained time thing in Battle Royale.

Close encounters limited time mode

While the jetpack is accessible in standard Battle Royale modes like solo, duo, and squads, its genuine place is in Close Encounters, the new constrained time mode. This mode evacuates all weapon composes with the exception of shotguns and gives players a high possibility of discovering jetpacks in chests. This ought to be the ideal place for players who need to work on flying, or, on the other hand, on skeet shooting. This mode won’t be live when the patch hits, yet should start up in the not so distant future.

Strong Gold V2 limited time mode

For those players that aren’t such vast fanatics of shotguns, Epic is releasing a second limited-time mode with this update of the content: Solid Gold v2. Much the same as the first form of the fan-most loved mode, v2 will solely highlight fantastic weapon drops, both on the floor and in chests.

Notwithstanding, shotguns, projectile launchers and rockets will have a low opportunity to generate in anything besides supply drops. This mode additionally enables players to get stone and metal 50% quicker to enable structures to face the higher quality weapons.



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