Former Cisco Exec Padmasree Warrior To Join Microsoft Board

There was no doubt that Padmasree Warrior would be taking another tech role soon and our guessing proved to be true when Microsoft offered her to join the Microsoft board. Yes, the former high profile CTO of Cisco Systems has been asked to join one of the upcoming vacancies on the Microsoft board. The news was disclosed in an SEC filing by the company.

Padmasree Warrior To Join Microsoft


The shareholders of Microsoft will vote on the new members during the annual stakeholder meeting that usually happens in December and according to that, decision will be taken, though the stakeholders normally approve the suggested board members.

Padmasree is best known as the former chief technology and chief strategy officer of Cisco and before that she was the CTO at Motorola. Many rumours were also taking round that she would join as the CEO of Twitter or would take a role of senior position at Wipro. There was also rumour that Padmasree Warrior has been considering the CEO offers from several start-ups.

For now, it seems she is joining a bunch of boards. She already is a board member of Box. However, it is heard that the board members of Microsoft get paid $250,000; also there are other stock awards depending on the work they do.

Source- Business Insider