Forcing Manual Adobe Flash Player Updates in Chrome

Adobe Flash Player has fallen out of grace for quite some time now, with no one being interested in using what is considered an outdated technology. When Google’s Chrome browser officially dropped Flash in favor of HTML as the default solution, the downfall of Flash had begun.

There has even been a “due date” announced, for when Adobe Flash will no longer be available, which means that the software is in the process of being eliminated from the web entirely. It will be a lengthy process, and even though Adobe themselves finally hung it up, they still provide updates for Flash. Despite the many flaws and security loopholes within Flash, Adobe has always tried to better their service and provide updates.

Updating on Chrome

Updating Flash is no longer something that happens reliantly by default. This means that updating Chrome on either the Windows or Mac OS platform will not guarantee that you also get an update to Flash Player. If you are still using Flash, your best bet is to force an update manually. Doing this is actually pretty easy. The process takes very little time and can be done by anyone using the Chrome browser.

How to update manually

Go to your Chrome browser’s address bar and type in chrome: //components. In the menu that opens, find Adobe Flash Player but don’t pay attention to any status that might be associated with the service. Instead, look for a command that says Check for Update. Click that button and a moment later you will have your Flash Player updated to the latest version available for your platform. There is no additional step for updating Chrome.

Manually updating on Chrome OS

In theory, many thought that Chrome OS wouldn’t be that different from the Chrome browser in terms of updating the Flash Player. That turned out to not be the case, and so far updating manually is not an option on Chrome OS. Unfortunately for Chrome OS users, this means of updating won’t work for them and they still have to rely on Chrome OS automatically updating Flash.

The importance of updating

If you are still using Flash, you are exposing yourself to a lot of security risks, due to the faulty nature of the service. Moreover, if you do not keep it updated, you are basically inviting cyber criminals in, and asking for trouble. The fact that updating takes a single moment should be a strong incentive for people to update their machine and make sure that they do not leave themselves open to an attack. Many big time companies or institutions have fallen in the recent past directly as a result of the security threats and backdoor opportunities found within Adobe’s Flash Player.

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