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This Flexible Camera Makes Photos From Surprising Angles

If you are tired to make photos always to the same angle, this experimental camera can be “wrapped” around objects to capture images in different ways from what we have seen so far.

A team of researchers from Columbia University, Computer Vision laboratory, have developed this new device, which is not shaped like a conventional camera, but deformable thin sheets and sensitive to light. If the sheet is bent more, the field of vision extends photographing several objects at once. The camera can also be folded on an object while it is curved.

The device is made up of a series of lenses arranged on a sheet of deformable silicone. The researchers have found that it’s not so simple to place the lens on the surface, because, as the material is deformed, the photographed elements deforms, too. Therefore, the system will lose elements from view, which no post-processing can recover.



Instead, the researchers have developed a system where each lens is flexible and it can change the shape depending on the curvature of the device. So, the captured image will always be complete, without requiring additional mechanical or electrical systems. You can see in the GIF below how the device works. Even if the captured images appear to be blurred, the concept remains interesting and it can be improved over time.

The team also wants to create smaller versions of the device, the size of the pocket. The experts hope that the photographers will be delighted by the idea of getting images that would have been impossible to produce in the past, announces Xplore Tech. The entire study can be covered in detail here.

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