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How to Fix Skype for Business 2015 Server Reboot Error

Skype Business is the perfect alternative for large enterprises that want to sustain effective communication amongst employees and such. But just like any program, it has its issues. Sometimes, an entire Skype Enterprise pool needs to be rebooted, and this can get tricky.

How many servers can you actually reboot at a single time? Well, this depends on the number of frontend servers that you have and the respective pros and cons that stem from this number. Needless to say, this entire deal can get tricky, and there are a lot of errors that can appear in the process. But there are ways to deal with them, so don’t worry.

Reboot Errors Happen All the Time

The simplest solution is to reboot only one server at a time if you don’t know which routing groups are routed on which servers. The main consensus on this issue is that you shouldn’t reboot too many severs at the same time because of a little something known as pool quorum. But rebooting each and every sever individually is very time consuming, so shouldn’t there be a faster way to do this? Luckily, there is.

Simple Cmdlet Fix

The solution is a simple cmdlet known as Invoke-CsComputerFailOver -ComputerName “” -WaitTime 0:30:00. Type this in and execute it, and you will gracefully failover services from one node to the next. But you can’t run this cmdlet on all the servers in your FE pool. If you have a pool of servers, you can maybe do this for two of them, and then individually reboot the next eight. It’s complicated, but if you’re devoted enough and spend some time with it you will manage to get it over with in the most effective time frame possible.

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