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How To Fix Sim Not Provisioned mm2#

How To Fix Sim Not Provisioned mm2#

Every mobile phone needs a SIM card. If you get the message “SIM Not Provisioned mm2#” on your smartphone or tablet, you will not be able to use your mobile phone to make calls and send texts for the time being.

There can be many reasons why a cell phone or tablet has not recognized an inserted SIM card. The good news is that in most of the cases you can solve the problem by yourself. The solutions to fix  Sim not provisioned mm2# is explained below.

This issue is quite common. The following are the causes for “Sim not provisioned MM2#” error:

  • If you have bought a new smartphone with a new sim card
  • If you have transferred contact numbers to a new sim card
  • The server of the provider may also be temporarily unavailable. In this case, just wait for a while.

It may already be enough if you switch the smartphone off and on again. And if there is any problem with the server of the provider, an automatic activation takes place within 24 hours.

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Possible Steps to fix Sim not provisioned mm2#

Step # 1: Turn off your mobile phone

Step # 2: Then open the back cover of your phone. Every mobile phone has been designed differently, so if you have no idea how to open back cover, read your phone’s manual.

Step # 3: Locate the holder of the sim. On some phones, the sim holder is on the side, on others, it is placed under the battery.

Step # 4: Remove the sim card carefully from its slot and place it back. While inserting sim again, make sure to insert it properly. If you are confused how to insert the card properly, you may find a small sign beside the sim card slot. It will help you to figure out which side is right to insert in.

How To Fix Sim Not Provisioned mm2#

Above steps would probably solve the problem “Sim Not Provisioned mm2#”.

If you are still facing the same and if the above tips did not work, the SIM card is probably locked. Contact your service provider for assistance.

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  1. Buenas tardes,
    estoy teniendo el problema mencionado: tengo puesta la tarjeta y me aparece el mensaje ‘SIM1 no se ha provisionado’, ¿puede ser que se deba a que estoy en el extranjero y no encuentra la red española de la compañia?

  2. The email I put in belongs to me my I pad says no service I tryed to update Facebook but it would not update ok

  3. So I have just had this, there are probable causes but my solution was the old restart option on the phone. The only other thing i could also say is that fairly recently i requested a PAC code and initiated this transfer through my current network to my new network.

    On the day of the transfer this message came up, what i am assuming is that it was caused by the transfer happening in the background. As the number changes across networks it would be expected for the reception to be disrupted hence the message.

  4. Oh my goodness this is a brand-new freaking Galaxy S8 active whatever I just know my fiance is paying over 800 something dollars for and I haven’t had it that long no I don’t know what the hell happened to it

    1. sounds like you may need to perform a clean throat service for your fiance’s Galaxy S8 to rectify this situation.

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