How to fix SIM card not inserted error on Galaxy S4

How to fix SIM card not inserted error on Galaxy S4

Every Smartphone is bound to face some common errors, and if you are confronted with such an error when your phone does not allow you making any calls due to the SIM card, the situation becomes pathetic. This is an error that the users of Samsung Galaxy S4 use to face very often. Other errors can be managed somehow but when you are not able to make any calls or messages from your phone then it becomes useless as Smartphone might be used for many more purposes but making calls, mailing, messaging is the most important of all. This error is faced due to various reasons and when you try calling or using the Internet it says that “SIM card not inserted” or “Not registered on network”. But do not be tensed as there are several ways to fix SIM card not inserted error on Galaxy S4. I am explaining here all the possible solutions one by one.

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How to fix SIM card not inserted error on Galaxy S4
How to fix SIM card not inserted error on Galaxy S4

Ways to fix SIM card not inserted error on Galaxy S4

Before going for any method first switch off your phone and then turn it on after few seconds. Sometimes this can fix the issue. But if the problem is not fixed then go for the below methods.

Method 1

> First go to Settings.

> You will notice various options there. Click on ‘Wireless and Network’ option.

> Tap on the Mobile Network then.

> Now long press and hold the Power button and Home button together for few seconds, and you will observe that your phone will start blinking, and a black screen is coming on the phone. Leave the buttons.

> Your Samsung Galaxy S4 will start rebooting automatically. Once the rebooting is completed, check your phone again. The problem will be fixed now.

But if you still face the problem, then go ahead with the below methods one by one to fix SIM card not inserted error on Galaxy S4.


Method 2

Sometimes the defective or dirty SIM card slot can create this issue. Chances are less but still it might be one of the reasons behind this problem. So whenever you face that ‘SIM card not inserted’ issue, consider this as a strong reason for the problem and take actions according to that. You need to clean the SIM card slot by taking the SIM out and then blow air on the place so that all the dust come out. But if you observe any defect or fault in the sensor, contact the service center and get it fixed by them.

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Method 3

When your phone is locked to a specific carrier the SIM card can’t be detected if this is from another carrier that is not supported by the specific carrier in which your phone is locked. If this is the reason, then you have to go to the technician for unlocking your phone. Sometimes you can do it in your own by the help of some unlocking product that you can easily get in the online.


Method 4

‘SIM card nor inserted’ error also might be the result of any software issue. Some apps can cause this problem. To be sure on that boot your phone in safe mode and see if the task is performed properly. Follow the below steps to boot your phone in safe mode.

> First press and hold the Power button on your Samsung Galaxy S4, it will bring up the Phone Option.

> Pop up will be shown with several options on the screen now, touch Power Off and confirm it.

> When the phone starts booting up, press the Menu Soft Key which you will find on the left side of the Home button and keep pressing.

> Keep touching the Menu Key until you see Home screen appears, and you will find Safe Mode at the bottom left corner of the screen. Login to your phone now.

The process is done. Booting in safe mode can recognize various problems, and actions can be taken to fix the problems. It disables all the third-party apps and services and then performs the tasks. If a boot in safe mode is done without any interruption, and the problem is not occurring in this mode, then any third party app is creating the problem. You have to recognize the app that is creating the issue and delete that.

But if the problem exists in safe mode also, then any hardware is causing the problem, and it can be fixed by going to a technician or to the service center.


Method 5

If you have tried all the above methods and still facing the issue, then a factory reset is the final option to fix SIM card not inserted on Galaxy S4. But this process erases all the data and files from phone so it is better to take a backup of the documents before you start the process.

> To start with Factory reset first click the apps icon on the phone and go to settings.

> Go down to see the Users and back up section and select the Backup & Reset option there.

> If you want to clear the check box, then press automatic restore and back up my data.

> Press Factory Data reset.

> Next click on the Reset Device.

> You will be asked to put the PIN or password if your phone screen is locked depending on the configuration.

> Enter the password to continue.

> Click ‘Delete All’ to confirm and everything will be deleted from your phone.

Now you can check your phone; all the problem should be fixed.


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