How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth Issues

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are the latest flagships from Samsung that have been acquired by many so far. The smartphone made an entry into the smartphone market very recently and has been able to satisfy the users with its unique new and cool features. However, flaws are always accompanied by every new gadget, and Samsung Galaxy S8, too, maintained the same tradition.

While users of this flagship started complaining about numerous issues on their brand new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth issues are widespread.

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Potential Fixes For Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth Issues

Solution 1: Restart the device

Restarting the device is the first piece of advice as this small and quick process can work like magic to solve numerous issues, including the Bluetooth issues on Samsung Galaxy S8. A Restart will reset the device, and in case the issue is not with the Bluetooth, it is happening due to some problem in the device. A restart might fix the issue. This process is speedy, while it can save significant time and effort. However, if this step does not work out for you, move to the other explained methods.

Solution 2: Turn on and off Airplane mode

The following fix for this Bluetooth issue in your new Galaxy device is to toggle the Airplane mode switch. When the device is set to airplane mode, it cuts all the connections temporarily, and then with toggling the Airplane mode switch off, the device gets back all the connection. This step might work for you. Also, you can even give it a try with the airplane mode to see if it works and solve the Bluetooth issue.

Solution 3: Check the Bluetooth switch

It is the essential step in resolving the Galaxy S8 Bluetooth issues. There might be various reasons for this issue, and it can be resolved in multiple ways. But first, you should check if the Bluetooth option is enabled or not. If it is already enabled, then toggle it off once and turn it back on. If the issue persists, then move to the following method.

Solution 4: Clear cache of Bluetooth

Another solution is clearing the cache of the Bluetooth app on your device. When the cache is more, it can give rise to numerous issues, including slowing down the app’s performance. So, you should clear the cache very often. Here is how to clear the cache of Bluetooth.

  • Go to settings > application manager and swipe right to display the All tab.
  • Tap on that tab and select the Bluetooth app.
  • Now tap on the required button to stop the app forcefully.
  • Next, tap on clear cache, then go for clearing the data.

That’s it, and it might resolve the Bluetooth issue efficiently.

Solution 5: Wipe cache partition

The previous step will only clear the cache of the Bluetooth app, while you can also choose to go for wiping cache partition if the above step remains unsuccessful in resolving the Bluetooth issue for you.

To wipe cache partition, move to settings > storage and tap on the Clear data button, which will remove the cache of all the apps in the device.

Solution 6: Remove and re-establish all the Bluetooth connections

Another helpful trick suggested to try out if all the other explained methods do not work out for you. First, remove all the Bluetooth connections one by one and then reconnect them again. If the issue is happening due to a particular device’s pairing, then it will help you understand the problem, and you can quickly go for fixing it.

Solution 7: Factory Reset

Have you tried everything else and still left with the same issue? Then the ultimate idea is to perform a factory reset which will erase everything from the device. Then you have to set it from scratch once again. But it will resolve all kinds of issues with the device.

To perform a factory reset, head towards settings > backup and reset > factory data reset > reset all.


So, these are the solutions to Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth issues. Keep trying them one by one, and you will get rid of them.

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