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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth Issues

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth Issues 2

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are the latest flagships from Samsung that have been acquired by many so far. The smartphone made an entry into the smartphone market very recently and has been able to satisfy the users with its amazing new and cool features. However, flaws are always accompanied with every new gadget and Samsung Galaxy S8 too maintained the same tradition.

While users of the latest flagship started complaining about numerous issues on their brand new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth issues is a very common of them and here in this article, we will discuss all the possible fixes to get rid of this issue.

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Potential Fixes For Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth Issues

Solution 1: Restart the device

Restarting the device is the first advice as this small and quick process can work like magic to solve numerous issues including the Bluetooth issues on Samsung Galaxy S8. A Restart will reset the device and in case the issue is not with the Bluetooth rather it is happening due to some problem in the device, then restart might fix the issue sometimes. This process is very quick while it can save great time and effort. However, if this step does not work out for you then move to the other explained methods.

Solution 2: Turn on and off Airplane mode

The next fix for this Bluetooth issue in your new Galaxy device is to toggle the Airplane mode switch. When the device is set to airplane mode it cuts all the connections temporarily and then with toggling the Airplane mode switch off, the device gets back all the connection. This step might work for you. Also, you can even give a try with the airplane mode on to see if it works and solve the Bluetooth issue.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth Issues 3

Solution 3: Check the Bluetooth switch

This is the most important step in resolving the Galaxy S8 Bluetooth issues. There might be various reasons for this issue and it can be resolved in various ways. But first, you should check if the Bluetooth option is enabled or not. If it is already enabled then toggle it off once and turn it back on. If the issue still persists then move to the next methods.

Solution 4: Clear cache of Bluetooth

Another solution is clearing the cache of the Bluetooth app in your device. When the cache is more it can give rise to numerous issues including slowing down the performance of the app. So, you should clear the cache very often. Here is how to clear the cache of Bluetooth.

  • Go to settings > application manager and swipe right to display the All tab.
  • Tap on that tab and select the Bluetooth app.
  • Now tap on required button to stop the app forcefully.
  • Next tap on clear cache then go for clearing the data.

That’s it and it might resolve the Bluetooth issue easily.

Solution 5: Wipe cache partition

The previous step will only clear the cache of Bluetooth app while you can also choose to go for wiping cache partition in case the above step remain unsuccessful in resolving the Bluetooth issue for you.

To wipe cache partition move to settings > storage and tap on the clear data button which will remove cache of all the apps in the device.

Solution 6: Remove and re-establish all the Bluetooth connections

This is another helpful trick that is suggested to try out if all the other explained methods do not work out for you. First, remove all the Bluetooth connections one by one and then reconnect them again. If the issue is happening due to a particular device’s pairing then it will help you understand the issue and you can easily go for fixing it.

Solution 7: Factory Reset

Have you tried everything else and still left with the same issue? Then the ultimate idea is to perform a factory reset which will erase everything from the device and will leave it to a brand new one. Then you have to set it from scratch once again. But it will definitely resolve all kind of issues of the device.

To perform factory reset head towards settings > backup and reset > factory data reset > reset all.


So, these are the solutions to Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth issues. Keep trying them one by one and you will definitely get rid of it.

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  1. The flight mode solution worked for me.
    The issue I was having that once you had disconnected bluetooth it stopped displaying the list of paired devices, so you couldn’t reconnect.

  2. Bluetooth worked fine, but after a factory reset, bluetooth no longer worked. I tried all of the suggested fixes. None worked. I even factory reset the phone twice.

  3. Love the phone. Tried all these, no change. Now I hate the phone. Bluetooth and my music are crucial. I think my previous cracked phone was better.

  4. Great article – wife’s phone needed full cache clear (assume as restored from previous handset) – now connects to hands free!

  5. My s8+ will pair but I’m unable to use voice commands, we tried impairing, deleting, reconnecting starting in safe mode updating apps and system
    No luck

  6. I have one good one for you. So my old Bluetooth didn’t connect to galaxy s8, so Verizon made me spent $100 to get a new one. Well it was a necessity, so I got it and it worked. Unfortunately I broke my galaxy so I got a replacement and guess what? The new one won’t find the Bluetooth. How is it even possible. I tried everything and got nowhere. In a meantime my old galaxy is still abked to detect the device. So how about that? Now Verizon I’m planning on going to Verizon to get my money back for the Bluetooth or the phone. This is crazy!

    1. You need to put your bluetooth in pairing mode. Typically by holding in the answer-button while turning on the bluetooth-unit (headset). If it doesn’t work, just google pairing mode + name of the bluetoothunit.

  7. Bouncing Airplane mode did not work for me however a chat with Samsung phone pro advised to reset all Apps and restart the phone. worked for both my Kenmore auto radios. Simple-give it a try

  8. Switching on and off my airplane mode did the trick. Im very appreciative of you taking the time to share you possible solutions.

  9. I am now having Bluetooth issues after the update. I will try the airplane mode thing, but all the others outside of factory reset have been performed. Very frustrating!

  10. Your bluetooth stereo may have a limit of how many devices can be paired. Mine drove me nuts until I researched and found it had a limit of 5 devices. I cleared the stereo of all devices and then my S8 connected to it (took 2 tries).

  11. I have TMobile S8 and I am very disappointed. Bluetooth worked for the first few days then stopped working. I have tried it all….nothing works. What a waste of time and money. S8 is a rip off.

  12. none of them worked.
    and i think whoever is saying that something worked is lieing on behalf of samsung. i’ve only had have samsung all my life and m=now i’m simply gonna return the damn phone and buy some other brand.its really [email protected]!!!!!

  13. its most likely a combatability issue, device may be a bluetooth 4.0 version 4.1 and above is the desired version for lte enabled phones

    1. It’s not a compatibility issue, It’s a device issue. It can’t even get the name of the devices it does see, just shows the MAC address. S8 = Piece of crap.

  14. None of these fixes worked for me. The bluetooth issue has not been fixed by samsung. I’m on my second S8 (and am sending it back) and have spent an entire week on the phone with samsung (who denies they even have a bluetooth problem! How are they going to fix it if they are still in DENIAL?????). I also contacted ATT and spoke with a supervisor and they said they were unaware of a bluetooth problem, they called their samsung rep who’s on the floor over and he said there was no “bluetooth problem” and I asked the att guy, how come there are 83 pages of bluetooth complaint problems on the samsung owners website and if you google bluetooth problem pages and pages and pages of complaints come up under bluetooth problem for s8 and s8+. But hey, the S8 doesn’t have a bluetooth problem. Nope. It has a HUGE bluetooth problem. The phone doesn’t work properly. It won’t stay paired with my car (2013 bMW which paired just fine with the s7, won’t transfer my contacts, doesn’t find my samsung headset, forget about finding my speaker… So, the phone is lovely. It unfortunately just doesn’t work properly. Can’t function without bluetooth. DEAL BREAKER. Get your act together Samsung, or the next phone I get will be another brand. Shame on you for putting your loyal customers through this crap. Fix your phone!!!

    1. I have the same problem! The Verizon place tells me it must be a problem with my car’s Bluetooth version , even though the manager’s iPhone auto- pairs with it, and even though the other s8 that he tried wouldn’t auto- pair. The car stereo place told me the problem was the phone, but that since I didn’t buy it from him, he couldn’t help me. Samsung is in danger of losing lots of loyal customers!

  15. I tried everything (except FACTORY RESET) and nothing worked. I give up.
    I will buy a memory card to insert my music on it.
    Victor. Mozambique.

  16. My Sprint Samsung Galaxy S 8 plus is having Bluetooth issues I often connected to my Pioneer car stereo but it never seems to remember my personal settings since my Pioneer car stereo does not have a microphone for the phone use I have it switched off and I have to go into this phone’s settings and turn it off just about every time It connects to my Pioneer car stereo I stream my music to my car stereo from my phone through Bluetooth audio And like I said every time I have to go into the phone’s menu and turn off Bluetooth calling

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