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How to Fix And Reset Epson Ink Jet Printer

The Epson Ink Jet printer is one of the most important equipment in the office, especially that it is highly needed on heavy paper works and it is possible for us to encounter various problems with it.Thus, it is very important that you know how to fix problems and reset Epson Ink Jet printer to keep it functional for long use.


Here are some ideas on how you can keep your printer operational for a long period of time:

 How to Fix And Reset Epson Ink Jet Printer

  1. Check ink levels. If ink light is blinking, replace your ink cartridge. If you are using ink tanks, refill your ink tanks with enough ink. Restart your printer and make a test print.
  2. Check the printer’s printing quality.

If your printer doesn’t have a good printing quality or doesn’t print clearly, there must be a problem on it. There are also instances that printed texts don’t have a good alignment.To fix it, you may do the following:

  • Run printer maintenance.
  • Click Print Head Alignment utility to run it. Feed in a piece of paper on the printer and make sure that the printable area is at the top.

Go back printer maintenance and click Head Cleaning utility to run it. This helps to clear out clogged ink nozzles.

  • Repeat the cleaning process and reload paper several times until the printing quality looks good enough.
  1. If cleaning did not help and the printing quality is still not good, do some physical cleaning on your printer.
  •  Get an appropriate cleaning kit. Perhaps, you may need soft cloth and cleaning solutions. Isopropyl alcohol could also be used for cleaning.
  • Carefully remove your printer cover and wipe out any leaked or overflowed ink inside your printer. Make sure that everything inside has been cleaned.
  • Go to printer maintenance and do the cleaning until printing quality becomes better.
  1. There are instances that printers don’t function without giving any error message. Check the amount of paper you have fed on your printer. Sometimes, feeding too much of paper makes the print head immovable. Thus, feed only subtle pieces of papers on it.
  2. Have you encountered problems where your printer stops printing and an error message says,ink pad use expires or ink pad is near on its end life and suggests you buy a new printer? Sometimes you will feel disgusted especially if you have used your printer for just a year and here is this message saying that you need to buy again a new printer. Well, you don’t have to feel bad anymore since you will no longer need to buy a new one. Printers are usually set into a particular amount of print copies. Most printers are set only to print around 6500 copies and when it reached the limit; your printer will definitely stop functioning. What you only need is to reset Epson ink jet printer. Here is what you need to do:
  • Download a printer adjustment program that suits to your printer model.
  • Run the printer adjustment program.
  • Click Select button and choose your printer model on the drop      down list. Then click OK.
  • Click on the Particular Adjustment Mode button.
  • Scroll and look for Waste ink pad counter under Maintenance and click OK.
  • Put values on the counter and click initialize to successfully change your printer’s counter.
  • Click Finish and restart your printer. You can now start printing. After many months when you encounter this problem again, you already know what to do. You have to reset Epson inkjet printer again.
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