How To Fix The Rebooting Problem On Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z, which is equipped with bright, big screen and packed with lots of attractive features, is water and dust resistance. The design of the phone is also perfect; the thin and slim design makes it easy and comfortable to hold. Overall, the 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, 1080 display, and waterproof feature make this smartphone great.

But unfortunately, some people are experiencing the rebooting problem on their Sony Xperia Z. Many users have complained about the issue on the forum. According to them, their phone keeps rebooting without any specific reason.

If you have bought Sony Xperia Z, then it’s better to know the solution of the rebooting problem on Sony Xperia Z so that you can solve it easily if the problem occurs on your smartphone. Some of the  potential solutions to this random rebooting issue are explained below.

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Potential solutions for rebooting problem on Sony Xperia Z

Method 1:

Press the Power button and Volume Up button and hold them for minimum 10 seconds. Release the buttons when the phone vibrates three times and see if the problem is solved.


Method 2:

You can try to solve the rebooting problem on Sony Xperia Z by repairing your phone using Sony’s software. But first, you need to download PC Companion software for that, which is available on Sony’s website. Download it on your PC and then go to Support Zone > Start > Phone Software Update > Start. If you have the latest version already on your phone, select Repair Phone and then follow the given instructions.

 Method 3:

  • Turn off your phone
  • Get a small piece of paper
  • Precisely pinch the piece of paper between the battery and the wedge of the phone
  • Let the battery sit perfectly tight in its socket.

If this issue was happening due to improper placement of battery, this method might fix it.


 Method 4:

Sometimes this issue happens if your battery pin is damaged, So check if the pins are orderly aligned. If you find the pins are not arranged in the proper way, then try out the following:

  • Get a Piece of Aluminium Foil
  • Place the Aluminium Foil between the pin and the connectors of the battery to see if the problem is resolved.

Method 5:

You can also try installing a custom ROM after rooting the device to see if this problem is resolved, as sometimes corrupted stock software might be the cause of this issue that reboots the Xperia Z very often.


Method 6:

In case you are facing this issue after installing any third party app on your device, it might be that is the culprit of this rebooting issue. To check this, you need to boot your device in safe mode which is done by following the below procedure.

  • First, touch and hold the power key.
  • Next, select the power off option and continue holding it.
  • Safe mode will be prompted on the screen. Tap OK and the device will be restarted in safe mode.

Now, check if the same issue exists or not. In case the phone acts normally without any issues, then one of the apps is causing the problem. So, the next thing you need to do is to uninstall third-party apps until the issue is solved. You can start with the recently installed apps. To uninstall apps:

Head towards Settings > App > Swipe to downloaded screen > select the app > Uninstall > OK and that’s it.


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