How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S3 Random Freezing and Wi-Fi Dropping Problems

Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most popular Android smartphones of Samsung. This handset came into the market in May 2012 and since then the selling is rising day by day. Within 100 days of launch, 20 million Samsung Galaxy S3 phones were sold among the consumers. The main reason is its amazing features and look and feel.

Now let’s discuss the common problems of Samsung Galaxy S3 that users may face with their handsets. One of the most common problems is Galaxy S3 random freezing, and another problem is suddenly dropping Wi-Fi connectivity. Here are some useful solutions for those problems.

Galaxy S3 Runs Very Slow after Android 4.3 Update

Galaxy S3 Runs Very Slow after Android 4.3 Update

Solutions for Galaxy S3 Random Freezing problem

A small number of users has complained about the random freezing problem on their Samsung Galaxy S3. The random freezing problem is most probably a software issue and might be related to the phone’s operating system Android, possibly 4.1.2. 

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If you face the problem on your Galaxy, then as a temporary solution you can restart your handset. For most of the users it works, but the problem does not stop from coming back.

Some people have gotten a solution by turning off the mobile data or Wi-Fi connectivity, but this is also not possible all the time because many people use their Smartphone to get Internet facility while they are on the go.

By uninstalling the unnecessary apps can solve the Galaxy S3 random freezing problem permanently. Many people have got success with this solution.

Solutions for Wi-Fi dropping Problem

Do you face trouble with Wi-Fi connectivity on your Samsung Galaxy S3? When you are connecting the same, maybe it connecting very well, but suddenly the connection is dropping. Many users reported this problem. If it happens with your Samsung Galaxy S3, then there are some solutions that you can try.

A temporary solution you will get by turning off your phone and then again, turn it on. It works only temporary.

  • To fix the problem permanently go to Settings on your Samsung Galaxy.
  • Then click Wi-Fi and tab on the menu button.
  • Select Advance again and ensure that Wi-Fi is set to Always during sleep. Most of the users have found a solution by following this process. If the problem does not fix, then the problem is maybe with your router.

Cleaning your Cache Partition is another way to solve this issue.

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