How To Fix Nokia Lumia 1520 Not Charging Issue

Nokia Lumia 1520 is one of the best windows phones, and it has been selling very well since its release. You will get everything that you expect in a good smart phone. The hardware and software of this phone have captured the attention of most of the smart phone lovers, and this is why many of them are switching to this phone.

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Nokia Lumia 1520 Not Charging Issue

Nokia Lumia 1520 Not Charging Issue

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But of course flaws are also there in Nokia Lumia 1520. In fact, no smart phone is there, which is a flaw free. However, some users are experiencing with some issues.. With their phone and Nokia Lumia 1520 Not Charging Issue is one of them. The phone is not charging though the users put it on charge.

There could be several reasons behind Nokia Lumia 1520 Not Charging Issue. Here I will discuss those and their potential fixes.

Possible Solutions For Nokia Lumia 1520 Not Charging Issue

>Switch between the methods you used to charge your phone. If you used to charge your phone using the Laptop/Computer then start using the wall socket. Also, most nokia chargers carry different output voltage that can affect the charging rate . In this case use your original nokia charger.

> If the phone doesn’t charge with other chargers, then check the charging point if it is damaged. This can be done by cleaning the inside of the charging port, blowing out the dust or using a pointed toothpick, gently, cleaning between the ports.


iphone charge on Make A Gif
> If everything is ok but then also Nokia Lumia 1520 Not Charging Issue is there, you should reboot your phone. For that:

Step 1: Press the Power and Volume Down keys and hold them. Do not leave them until the Nokia Lumia 1520 vibrates and restarts.

Step 2: Now check for the software update going to Setting on your phone and then Phone Update.

Also make sure that all the apps in your phone are up to date.

If all these steps fail to solve Nokia Lumia 1520 Not Charging Issue, then you should contact with service center or the carrier.


Solution 2

by performing a battery calibration, your battery status and rate of charging can easily improve. It  refreshes your charging cycle to it’s default. It is also advisedly that you perform a battery calibration once in every 4 months.The article can help you resolve the slow charging issue on your nokia


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