How To Fix Multi-touch And Typing Erratic Problem On Nexus 7

Google released its first Nexus tablet with Asus in 2012 and again in 2013, they brought new Nexus 7, which is the upgrade version of its predecessor. The name of the tablet remains same, but for differentiate some people add the year to the name.

The 2013 Nexus 7 is lighter and thinner than its processor and also has some improved features, though most of them remain same.

But some users are facing multi-touch and typing erratic problem on Nexus 7. According to the users, the Nexus 7 is skipping around erratically and registering multiple touches on the screen. There are also reports of single taps on the touch screen keyboard being registered as double or more taps.

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If you are using 2013 Nexus 7, then you also may face multi-touch and typing erratic problem on Nexus 7. If you are uncertain about the problem, whether it is a genuine issue with the touch screen, you can install an appYet Another MultiTouch Testand see visually if it is registering touches correctly.

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Potential Solutions for multi-touch and typing erratic problem on Nexus 7


Multi-touch And Typing Erratic Problem On Nexus 7

Multi-touch And Typing Erratic Problem On Nexus 7

1. If you have put the screen protector, then it may impact the touch sensitivity, and multi-touch and typing erratic problem on Nexus 7 may occur because of the touch sensitivity problem. Alternatively, it is possible that you are pressing the screen too hard and for too long. Try to adjust the way you use the touch screen and see if the problem is solved.

2. The problem could occur because of a specific app. Try to boot your Nexus 7 in Safe mode by holding the Power button and then hold the Power off option and the OK. If you see that the phone works better in Safe mode, then restart it and keep on removing apps one by one until you find the responsible one.

3. There is a chance of faulty hardware as well. If you see erratic behavior when using the Yet another MultiTouch Test app, then contact with the retailer or Google and ask for a replacement. Google has confessed the multi-touch and typing erratic problem on Nexus 7, and an investigation is going on to solve the same.


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