How To Fix Motorola Moto Z Wi-Fi Issues

The Moto Z introduced an innovative design to the smartphone industry with its Moto Mods. The flagship phone has garnered a lot of attention from people who like creative ideas when picking a phone. Just as much as we enjoyed talking about its impressive design and brilliant performance in the reviews, there are some common problems that plague this phone and one of them is the Motorola Moto Z Wi-Fi issues. By now we already know that it is inherent of smartphones to come with a few problems, so let us find out how to fix the Wi-Fi problems instead of sulking over them.

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Potential fixes for Motorola Moto Z Wi-Fi Issues


Solution 1: Toggle the Wi-Fi

The best way to begin fixing Wi-Fi issues is to switch off the Wi-Fi on the phone and then turn it on once again. To do this, you must pull down the notification shade on your Moto Z and look for the Wi-Fi icon. Tap on it once to switch off the Wi-Fi, wait for 30 seconds and tap on it again to switch it On. Allow the connection to be established and check if the Wi-Fi is working properly. Most of the time, this is all it takes to solve the problem.


Solution 2: Restart the Device and the Router

If the problem is not fixed, then your next step is to restart the device. Check if the problem is fixed after the restart. If it persists then switch off your router and wait for about 10 seconds before switching it on again. This should fix the problem.


Solution 3: Power Saving Mode Can Cause a Problem

Users who tend to use the Power Saving Mode on their device must be careful because it can affect their Wi-Fi connectivity. Power Saving Mode usually restricts background data which may make you feel that your device’s Wi-Fi connection is not working as expected. To fix this problem, you must go to the Settings menu of your device, tap on Battery and then tap on Power Saving Mode. On the next screen, check if the option “Restrict Background Data” is on or not. If it is on, then switch it Off so that your device can use the Wi-Fi connection without limitations. Please keep this in mind that this will affect the battery life of your device.


Solution 4: Update the Applications and Device Software

It is important for users to be using updated apps and device software to minimize the problems they face with the device. Make sure that all the apps and the device software are updated. Head into the Settings menu of your device and scroll down to find About Device. Tap on it and check if the device software is updated. You can tap on Download Updates Manually to check for new updates for your device.

To check if your applications are updated, go to the Play Store and tap on the three horizontal lines on the top left. Tap on My apps and games. If you see a button on the top right that says Update All, then tap on it to update all your apps.


Solution 5: Boot into Safe Mode

This step will help you find out if a third party application is responsible for the Wi-Fi not working on Motorola Moto Z. By booting your device in Safe Mode, only the core apps, and programs of the phone will work while the third party apps will be disabled. If you notice that the Wi-Fi connection works fine in Safe Mode, then the problem lies in a third party app. Try uninstalling the apps that you think may be causing the problem till the issue is solved. Alternatively, you can reset your device to factory settings to remove all third party apps from your device and start afresh.


Solution 6: Reset the Device to Factory Settings

If everything else fails, then your best bet is to reset your device to factory settings. Make sure you backup all important files and data including your Google account so that once your device is reset, you do not lose information that may be important. Go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset and tap Reset phone.


If the reset does not work, take your device to Motorola store , service, or your carrier.



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