How To Fix Messaging App Keeps Crashing On Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 first hit the market in 2012, but since then it has been selling with the same popularity. The main reason is its huge features. But can you name a single smartphone which is completely bugged free? It’s impossible because not a single smartphone is problem free. Owners of Samsung Galaxy S3 also are troubling with some problems with their smartphone. One very annoying issue that users are encountering with is messaging app keeps crashing on Galaxy S3.

Messaging app is crashing randomly on Galaxy S3 when users are trying to send, writing or typing messages. There is no obvious reason behind it, sometimes the app works fine and sometimes the messaging app keeps crashing on Galaxy S3.

However, here I will mention some potential steps to solve the messaging app crashing issue on Galaxy S3 and you can read on to know them.

Potential solutions for messaging app keeps crashing on Galaxy S3

Messaging App Keeps Crashing

Messaging App Keeps Crashing On Galaxy S3

1. You can use a different messaging app such as Hangouts or Handcent SMS and see if the problem is gone.

2. When the problem occurs, you can restart your phone for a temporary solution.

3. Tap Menu on your Samsung Galaxy S3, then go to Settings > More > Application Managers. Scroll the screen and go to the All tab. There select Messaging app. Tap Clear Cache and see if it makes any difference.

4. If you see that the above step fails to solve the problem, then first save or backup the important messages. You can use SMS Backup & Restore app which is available for free and backup messages there. Now again go to the Messaging app by Settings > More > Application Managers > All and tap Clear Data.

5. Try a Factory reset after backup the important data on your phone. Go to Menu > Settings > Accounts > Backup options > Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset. Now do not re-install the apps, first check if the messaging app keeps crashing on Galaxy S3 problem is gone. If yes, then re-install the apps one by one so that you can identify which one is the culprit.

6. If all the above steps failed to solve the problem, it’s time to visit the service center.


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