How to fix Mac error code 36

If you are using Mac OS X Snow Leopard, then you may experience a problem when trying to copying files from a Maxtor USB 1.5 TB to an external hard disk. At the time of copying files sometimes Mac error code 36 message appears after copying files up to 500 MB. Often it may happen that you have some important video that you cannot open on your Mac and want to transfer that to omega disk, which has firework ports. However, if Mac error code 36 message appears at the time of copying, and it halts the progress, then it is very annoying.

This problem starts from the ‘dot-underscore’ companion files that Mac OS X creates at the time of transferring files from FAT16 to FAT 32 volumes. These hidden files that contain ‘dot-underscore’ with file names contain additional information to go along with the main file’s data.

You may see the Mac error code 36 message when trying to transfer folders from a windows compatible volume to a Mac.

Solution to fix Mac error code 36

Mac error code 36

Mac error code 36

Here is a potential solution for Mac error code 36 that will help you to get rid of such a problem.

1. Launch terminal (Applications> Utilities) on your Mac and then type the dot-clean command. However, add a space at the end of the command.

2. Now select the folder on your Mac that is giving the error message. Then drag the folder to the Terminal window. Release the mouse when you see a green cursor with a plus (+) symbol appears in the screen.

3. The proper path for the folder will be appeared automatically at the end of the command on the Terminal window. For example, the folder path may look like ‘dot-clean /users/username/desktop/test-folder’.

4. Now run the command by pressing the Enter or Return key. The hidden dot-underscore (._) files will get deleted, and now you will be able to copy files to the memory card.