How To Fix Lumia 920 Random freezes and Lagging

While Nokia Lumia may be a unique and initiative phone, it somehow comes with  deficient rams that often times create your nokia lumia 920 to lags and freezes randomly on you  . People had reported this frequent and randomly freezing and lagging issue of their Nokia.However, most people had replaced their Nokia Lumina and had it replaced.There are a lot of Patches that came out to target this culprit which is prominent in the operating system of the Nokia lumia 920.


But, what if you do not have waranty on your phone?, the simply and most effeicnet way to reduce your nokia lumia 920 freezing issue is to follow the steps below :

A Recent Report:

I had the identical drawback. The cellphone would freeze at random occasions it doesn’t matter what I used to be doing. I exchanged the telephone for a brand new one at present from the AT&T retailer right here on the town. Not one freeze.


I have my lumia 920 now for about 3 weeks and iam expiriencing verry frequent freezes about twice a day, the phone just freezes on many different apps so its not a one app thing. Its very annoying because i have to reset the phone all the time and the time and date gets reset also automaticly.How can i  Fix Lumia 920 Random freezes and Lagging ?

I’ve my lumia 920 now for about three weeks and i am facing very frequent freezes about twice a day, the telephone simply freezes on many various apps so its not a one app factor. Its very annoying as a result of i’ve to reset the cellphone on a regular basis and the time and date will get reset additionally automatically. How can i  Fix Lumia 920 Random freezes and Lagging ?


How To Fix Lumia 920 Random freezes and Lagging
How To Fix Lumia 920 Random freezes and Lagging

The first Method to fix this issue is to terminate a few apps that may be causing this problem . Skype has been found to create a lot of lags between the background animation.Uninstalling skype will Fix the Random Freezes on Lumina 920

>To uninstall Skype

>Slide the screen to the left

>Press and hold skype

>Tab on the uninstall button

How To Fix Lumia 920 Random freezes and Lagging


Method 2

Performing a factory data reset can permanently resolve this problem with your nokia lumia.

>Open Settings, -swipe from right to left to open app library

>Scroll down to the button and tab “about”

>Tap Rest your phone

>Select yes

Method 3

Turning off Service location settings can make your phone moves fluently and limit the random freezes .Programs like Maps give you directions more easily, but it is also a security risk.

How to turn off Service location

>Navigate to

>Settngs, by swiping left

>Scroll down to settngs

>Click Location

>Turn Off

Also a very effective tips : Turn off your wifi and Bluetooth when not in used


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