How To Fix LG V20 Wi-Fi Issues

LG V20 is of the best and the most user-friendly smartphones of 2016. With great features, 5.7-inch QHD IPS Quantum display and excellent Wi-Fi support, it was presumed to beat all other brands in terms of user friendliness and optimized performance. However, as any other electronic device or gadget, there are certain issues encountered in the functioning of it. Quite a few users complained about LG V20 Wi-Fi issues, including the fact the Wi-Fi isn’t working at all, or the connection keeps dropping. Let’s see how to fix it.

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Some of the basic LG V20 Wi-Fi issues which are faced by the users on a constant basis include:

  • Wi-Fi not working on LG V20
  • LG V20 Wi-Fi connection problems
  • LG V20 Wi-Fi issues while trying to connect to apps like YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and so more.
  • Wi-Fi connection not visible on LG V20 smartphone
  • Wi-Fi connection visible, but smartphone is not able to connect

These are the common LG V20 Wi-Fi issues faced by the users of the smartphone. Many people who use this LG V20 have also reported issues while using the Google Now app. They have complained of the screen getting stuck with a “Recognizing…” message and comes up with a message “Can’t reach Google at the moment.”

So, the most common LG V20 Wi-Fi problems along with their solutions are listed here.

Common LG V20 Wi-Fi Problems And Solutions

Problem 1# Slow Wi-Fi on LG V20

Slow Wi-Fi speed is the most common type of LG V20 Wi-Fi problems. This problem is usually encountered by the users while using the apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and several others. Wi-Fi signal is strong, but the Wi-Fi speed on the LG V20 smartphone is too slow.


The problem of the slow speed of the Wi-Fi connection can be solved in the following manner:

  • Switch off your smartphone LG V20
  • Now hold the power button, volume up button and the home button all at the same time
  • Your LG V20 smartphone will vibrate after a few seconds. This reflects that the recovery mode of the Smartphone has started on its own
  • With the recovery mode on, you would need to search for the entry named as “wipe cache partition” and select it
  • The process of the wiping of the cache partition would be completed in a few minutes
  • Now you can start your LG V20 smartphone again by clicking on the option “reboot system now”


Problem 2# LG V20 smartphone switches Wi-Fi connection to Data Pack

This is another problem encountered by the users while working on the LG V20 smartphone. The phone switches from the Wi-Fi connection to the data package randomly which might cost the user a considerable amount of money owing to the usage of the data packs of different network connections. The way through which the LG V20 smartphone switches the Wi-Fi connection to data is based on the concept of the transfer of WLAN to the mobile data connection. This might get activated on the LG V20 smartphone of the users under the Android settings of the mobile phone. This Android setting is known as “Smart network switch” and was designed with the mind to switch between Wi-Fi connection and mobile data connections such as LTE in an automatic manner. This principle was designed with the concept of maintaining a stable connection on the smartphone at all times.


  • Switch on your LG V20 smartphone
  • Enable the mobile data connection of your LG V20 smartphone
  • Once the mobile data connection is enabled in your LG V20, go to Menu, then Settings and finally to Wireless
  • Under this menu, you would come across a page which displays the option “Smart network switch”
  • You would need to uncheck this icon such that you establish a normal stable Wi-Fi network connection for your LG V20 smartphone
  • After you have unchecked the option, now your LG V20 smartphone would not switch from the Wi-Fi connection to the mobile data automatically


Problem 3# Wi-Fi Password Forgotten

Another LG V20 Wi-Fi issue faced by the users is that they tend to forget the Wi-Fi passwords.


To resolve this problem, the users would need to forget the saved Wi-Fi passwords. To delete or forget a saved Wi-Fi password on your LG V20, you would need to go to the settings option and then search for the Wi-Fi option. You can look for the network that you would want to delete from the smartphone and remove it from there. Once you have spotted the particular Wi-Fi connection, you should press it for long and then select the “Forget” option. The next series of steps are as follows:

  • Switch on your LG V20 smartphone
  • Swipe through the screen to reach the notification panel. Open it and go to Settings
  • Browse through the various available network connections and then select Wi-Fi
  • You would need to turn on the Wi-Fi if it is off
  • Select the particular Wi-Fi connection for which you would like to forget the password, and then select Forget
  • The password for the particular Wi-Fi connection has been forgotten and now you can reset it


Additional tips

If you have tried all the above fixes but still facing some issues with Wi-Fi in your LG V20 device, then these additional tips might be helpful for you.

  • Restart the device once. Simply turn it off. Wait for few seconds and turn it on back.
  • Restart the router as well. And then try to connect again.
  • Ensure the router firmware is up-to-date.
  • Also, make sure that all the applications and software in your LG V20 device are up to date as outdated versions can create some issues while the updated version are specifically rolled out with bug fixing.
  • Head towards settings and power saving option to see if it is enabled as this disables all the connectivity options such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. So, it’s worth checking out if the power saving option is the cause of the Wi-Fi issue.
  • Wi-Fi analyzer is a good option to be used here that checks the crowdedness of the channel so that you can switch to a less crowded one to avoid the issue.
  • Another important thing to see is your Mac address is being allowed in the router’s MAC filter. The MAC address is available in Settings > Advance.

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