How to Fix LG G5 Notification LED Issues

When LG’s recent flagship was launched, we loved the specs, and the design was compelling too. But our experience with technology has made us realize that we may come across a few issues every now and then, and we can fix most of the things with some simple solutions. A few users have reported that they have experienced LG G5 notification LED issues. Here we will discuss the problems and the solutions.

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Problem 1

One of the issues is that the notification LED does not light up at all. Here are the things you can do to solve the problem.

Solution 1

There is a possibility that the notification flash option may be switched off. Check the settings of the phone to make sure this is not the case. To do so follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on the Sound tab
  • Look for Notification LED and tap on the Switch if it is Off.
  • Now select the notifications for which you want the LED to flash.
LG G5 notification LED issues


This will activate the LED lights for notifications and it will flash for the applications you have selected.

Solution 2

When it comes to smartphones, a restart can fix tons of issues, so it is something you should try when the problem like this occurs.

Solution 3

If the notification LED is already On or if it still does not work then there may be a problem with the LED and it may have to be changed. If your phone is under warranty then take it to the LG store or to your carrier.


Problem 2:

Another problem that has been noticed is that the notification LED fails to light up at times to notify you of incoming messages. The problem occurs for the incoming messages of third party apps.

Solution 1

If this is a problem that has come up all of a sudden and not after you downloaded an app, then restart your device. A restart fixes most of the devices issues and brings it back to working mode.

Solution 2

The LED notification in the LG G5 is configured for the default apps and you may have to check the settings to ensure that it is switched on for the third party app you are using. To do so follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on the Sound tab
  • Tap on Notification LED
  • Now check the settings and make sure that the third party apps are selected so that the phone can notify you when a message comes in.

This will make sure that the notification LED works for all the apps that you want.

Solution 3

If this did not work then there may be a device specific problem and since it is being reported by a few people there may be a glitch which may be fixed with future updates. So as a workaround, you can use an app called Light Flow Lite. This app is available on the Google Play Store. You will have better control over the LED notifications of your phone after installing this app.

LG G5 LED notification issue



Solution 4

If your LG G5 notification LED issues are still bothering you, you should take the phone to an LG Store or to your carrier, and if needed the phone can be replaced if it’s under warranty.


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