How to fix LG G5 GPS Issues

One of the most anticipated smartphones for 2016 was LG G5. Except for a few of the problems that follow just about any phone, the G5 has actually been able to prove that LG is as always really serious about smartphones. One of the problems that the G5 users have noticed with this phone is the GPS which does not seem to be working as effectively as it should. It keeps on resetting itself or showing inaccurate information. So let us look at some of the solutions for how to fix LG G5 GPS issues.

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Solutions of LG G5 GPS issues


Solution 1: Toggle Airplane Mode

It appears that for some users, toggling the Airplane Mode On and Off seems to work. If you are having problems getting your G5’s GPS to work then pull down the notifications drawer and look for Airplane Mode. Turn it On, wait for a few seconds and turn it Off. Now try to use the GPS again and check if it is working.


Solution 2: Remove the case

Sometimes, the GPS fails to work as expected because your case or cover may be causing a hindrance. Try taking off the case and check if it works properly. If your GPS works properly all the time after taking off the case then know that your phone’s cover was the problem.


Solution 3: Update Google maps, and clear app’s cache and data

If you have GPS issues when using Google maps, make sure that the app is up to date. If there is a new version available, download and install it. Also, clear its cache and data. Go to Settings > Apps, find Google Maps, tap on it and then tap Clear cache and Clear data.


Solution 4: Check GPS Settings

Check the settings of your GPS to make sure that it is set to work properly. Sometimes the settings may be causing the problem. To check this, go to Settings and then tap on General tab and look for Location and tap on it. Now tap on Mode and among the different options that you see, look for ‘High accuracy’. This helps your LG G5 be accurate when it comes to checking for locations. You will be able to notice a difference when you choose between ‘Device Sensors Only’ and ‘High Accuracy’. If you rely on the GPS and you want the GPS to tell you accurate locations and directions then it is best to choose High Accuracy.


Solution 5: Install GPS Status and Toolbox App

If you feel that setting the GPS to High Accuracy is still not making a difference then you can use the GPS Status and Toolbox App. With the help of the GPS status and Toolbox App you can get more information regarding the accuracy of your GPS and it can help in making your GPS more effective.


Solution 6: Check for settings of apps you have installed

Some apps use the GPS function and if they end up with corrupted information then it may cause a problem for the GPS. Check the settings of apps that you have installed which use the GPS. If you find that any of the settings may be causing the problem then disable the app and check if the GPS works fine. If it does then the app is the culprit and you must uninstall the app for the GPS to work effectively.

If you have tried all these solutions and you are still not able to fix the problem then you will have to take the phone to the LG store or to your carrier. This will help in determining if the problem lies in the sensors. If that is the case then you will have to get the phone replaced or the GPS will not work as expected. If your phone is under warranty then the carrier or LG will probably give you a replacement.

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