How To Fix LG G4 Keyboard Lag

After the official release of LG G4 majority said the device is a beats, and it definitely is one of the best phones launched in 2015. When you read the reviews and comments written by users, you will see that people are truly pleased with this device, and every now and then you may notice some complaints. One of the complaints is about LG G4 keyboard lag. This problem is among the common ones, and fixing it is not complicated at all. We are going to share a few tricks that will help you to solve this, so you can go back to fast typing without the lag issues.

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Ways to fix LG G4 keyboard lag


Solution No.1: Restart your LG G4

If you haven’t restarted your smartphone for a while, it may slow down a bit which means the keyboard will become slow as well. So, just turn off your device off and turn it back on to refresh it. Hopefully, once you turn it back on, the keyboard will work just fine so you will enjoy in a lag-free experience when typing.


Solution No.2: Clear Keyboard app cache

If you restarted your device, but the lag is still there, the next thing you should do is to clear Keyboard app cache. It’s a very simple thing. Go to Settings, tap on Application Manager, tap on All tab and find your Keyboard app. Click on the app and tap “Clear cache”.


Solution No.3: Keyboard lag when using a specific app

You may noticed that the keyboard lag problem occurs only when you are using a specific app, such as Facebook, Messanger, Viber or WhatsApp. The thing you should do is clear the app cache, by following the same steps we showed in the previous solution. Go to Settings > Application Manager > All tab, and there find the app, tap on it and click Clear cache.


Solution No.4: Wipe cache parition

This may solve the problem and it will not delete your fersonal files and data. It will just remove the junk that piled up on your phone. Here is how you can wipe cache parition:

  • Tap on Apps from the Home screen
  • Tap Settings and then click on General section
  • Tap Storage which is located under Phone Management section
  • Click Cached data
  • Click OK


Solution No.5: Try a third-party keyboard

You can also install one of third-party keyboards. There are many in the Play Store, so open the Play Store app, type keyboard in the search box and browse to see the keyboard apps. You will certanly find the one that will be perfect for you!


Solution No.6: Factory reset

When your phone is not working correctly, one of the options is factory data reset which is usually something you can do when nothing esle works.

Read this guide: How To Perform A Factory Reset On LG G4 – everything is explained in details.






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