How to Fix iPhone X Sound Issues

Apple gathered the latest technology and created the iPhone X. Although it is an excellent phone, some users have reported sound issues on their handsets. Let’s go through the types of sound problems that users are facing and how to fix iPhone X sound issues.

The Problem: Some users reported that they were unable to hear the voice of the person on the other end whenever they made or received a call. But when they put their phone on speaker they were able to hear clearly.

Others reported problems on their microphone when they used it with third-party apps that required microphones and voice memos. Here are some fixes that may help to solve the iPhone X sound issues.

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Fixes For iPhone X Sound Issues

iPhone X Sound Issues

Remove the Cover of Your iPhone X

Accessories can usually interfere with the proper functioning of our smartphone. Remove the cover of your smartphone to check if the sound issue is gone. Those using flip covers are likely to experience the problem more. This is because as they flip back the cover on the phone to listen to the call they tend to block the rear microphone which interferes with the quality and the volume of the call.

Check for Debris and Dirt

Your iPhone X sound issues may also occur because of debris or dirt caught in the microphones or speakers of the mobile. There is no doubt that you are taking good care of your new phone. But there are chances that you have been outdoors in a dusty place or maybe gone out camping where there were dust and dirt. It doesn’t hurt to check your microphones and speakers for dust or any debris. Use a soft cotton cloth to clean them and then check the sound.

Turn Off HD Voice

Apple offers HD Voice for their customers but this will work appropriately only when you have a 4G Network or HD voice-capable devices. Several users found that their sound problems disappeared when they disabled this option. Here is what you need to do:

  • Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Enable LTE> Check Data only instead of Voice & Data

Check for Third-Party Apps

Check to see if you are using a third-party app that has call filtering or blocking feature. You can uninstall it to check if the problem persists. Third-party apps can also interfere with the proper functioning of a smartphone and cause iPhone X sound issues.

Check With Your Carrier

Sometimes there could be a problem with the network. The problem may just be a temporary one. You can contact your carrier and ask how long it would take for the problem to resolve.

Check for Pending Carrier and Software Updates

Most of us understand the importance of updates. Usually, when some issues are reported in Apple forums, the company resolves it through updates. Also, if there is an update already released and you haven’t updated your phone you are likely to encounter problems like these. Here is how you can check for updates:

  • Software Updates:

Go to Settings > General > Software Update

The latest update, if any, will be displayed here. You can click on Download and Install it.

  • Carrier Updates:

Go to Settings > General > About

If there is an update it will be displayed beside your carrier – download and install.

Factory Reset

As a last resort to fix iPhone X sound issues you can Factory Reset your iPhone X. Factory Reset restores all the personalized settings. You should take a backup of your data before performing a Factory Reset.

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings > Enter passcode if prompted > Confirm the action

The process takes a few minutes. Set up your iPhone X once again and then check if the sound issues are solved.

Follow the above guide to fix sound issues on your iPhone X. If nothing seems to work you should get in touch with Apple or visit one of the Apple’s stores nearby.

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