How To fix iPad Pro Charging Problem

iPad Pro 12.9-Inch is provided with 12307mAh battery capacity and needs at least 4.5 hours to fully charge the battery. Like the other iOS devices, iPad Pro uses a lightning to USB cable and adaptor to charge. What makes it distinguishes from iPhone or iPad mini is its 12 W adaptor. The battery of iPad Pro can last up to 10 hours for browsing. But, there is a common issue related to it: iPad Pro charging problem. This issue has two general symptoms:

  1. The iPad Pro cannot charge the battery
  2. The iPad Pro sometimes can charge, sometimes it cannot

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Solutions For iPad Pro Charging problem

How To fix iPad Pro Charging Issue



Solution No 1: Remove the keyboard

If the keyboard is connected to your iPad Pro, and if the keyboard is connected through a smart connector, try to remove it. It can be the source of the issue.


How To fix iPad Pro Charging Issue


Solution No 2: Try another lightning to USB cable and the other Adapter

This is the fastest way to check if the problem comes from the iPad or not. If you still have the iPad charging issues when you are using the good lightning cable and adapter, then there is something wrong with the iPad. But, if the issue doesn’t appear, you need to test your lightning and adaptor cables, to see which one is not working.

How To fix iPad Pro Charging Issue


Solution No 3: Try the different duckheads

The adaptor on iPad is provided with a duckhead. It can be the source of this charging issues. If you can find the other duckhead, try to use it. But, it must be the good one. You can remove the duckhead from the adapter by sliding it to the outside.


How To fix iPad Pro Charging Issue


Solution No 4: Clean the lightning port

If your lightning to USB cable and adapter is still functioning well, try to check the lightning port on the iPad. Dust and dirt can disturb the charging process. You can clean the port using a cotton bud and the air blower duster. After that, try to charge it again.


How To fix iPad Pro Charging Issue

Solution No 5: Restore iPad

The iPad Pro charging problem can also be solved by restoring. Here are the steps:

  • First, you need Mac/PC with the iTunes Software installed
  • Connect your iPad pro to Mac/PC using a lightning cable
  • Click Restore on the Summary tab
  • Before the process starts, the iTunes will download the firmware first
  • Wait until the restoring process is completed
  • Once it’s done, setup your iPad Pro as a new device.


How To fix iPad Pro Charging Issue


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