Fix Google Certificate Error With These Solutions

Nowadays computers are becoming more and more equipped to handle whatever it is that we want to put on them. But there are still some errors that appear daily and they can get rather pesky. One of them is the certificate error that many users have reported encountering when they try to get on Google. Google is the essential search engine for most of us, so not being able to access it can be quite a hurdle. Luckily for us, there are three easy ways to fix this error. Keep reading to find out what they are.

  1. Update the date and time on your PC

More often than not, this error is caused by a fault with the date and time setting on your PC. So updating this should fix it. Just press the Windows key and R simultaneously on your keyboard. This will open the Run box. Type ‘control’ there and then hit Enter. This opens your Control Panel where you click on Date and Time. In the ‘Internet time’ tab select the ‘Synchronize with an Internet time sever’ option and that’s it.

  1. Turn off certificate revocation settings

From the same Control Panel window, now go to Internet Options. Go to the Advanced tab and uncheck ‘Check for publisher’s certificate revocation’ and ‘Check for server certificate revocation’. Restart your computer for the changes to be applied.

  1. Reinstall your browser

If all else fails, try reinstalling your browser. This is the final measure that you can do if all else fails. You can even switch to a new one, especially if you wanted a change in this department for a while. Now’s your chance to install something new. And when in doubt, always go for Google Chrome, unless you’re already running it.

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