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How To Fix Galaxy Note 5 GPS Issues

The Note 5 has an impeccable design and it delivers the outstanding experience. Users find the sleek look along with the spectacular performance of the phone to be splendid. But every now and then users find themselves caught with a few issues related to the Note 5. One of the most common issues that have been reported for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the GPS not working properly. It either does not track location at all or it tracks ineffectively. So let us take a look at some of the solutions to solve this problem.

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Solutions for Galaxy Note 5 GPS Issues


Solution 1: Toggle Your GPS

A quick way to solve this problem is to toggle your GPS. Switch it Off wait for 5 seconds and switch it On again. You can do this by accessing the notifications area of your Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Pull down the notifications and look for the GPS option. Switch it Off and then Switch it On. It usually helps your GPS start all over again and to work as expected.


Solution 2: Restart your Galaxy Note 5

If you want to fix it quickly, although temporarily, then restart your phone. If you are trying to look for a certain location and do not have a lot of time to troubleshoot then this is the best way to fix your problem. It should do the trick and your GPS will begin working properly.


Solution 3: Modify the GPS Settings

Keeping in mind that the software plays an important role for technology, it is important to check the GPS settings and modify the settings if needed. To check and change the settings follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings menu of your Note 5
  • Look for Location and tap on it
  • Now tap on Mode

You will find three options under mode which establish the way in which your phone estimates the location. You have High Accuracy, Power Saving, and GPS Only. Make sure you choose High Accuracy as the locating method because it allows for your GPS to use different ways to ensure that the location is accurate. Now restart your phone and check if the GPS works properly.

Modify the GPS Settings


Solution 4: Use GPS Status and Toolbox

If changing the GPS Settings to High Accuracy does not fix the problem for you then download and install the GPS Status and Toolbox app which is available on the Google App Store. The app displays GPS and sensor data helping you understand the way your GPS works. It also plays an important role in updating A-GPS data which helps the GPS perform better. Once you have installed the app, check if your GPS works more effectively.

Download GPS Status and Toolbox 


Solution 5: Update Maps

If you have issues when using Maps app on your Note 5, make sure that you have the latest version of the application. Open Google Play, tap on three horizontal lines and then tap My apps & games. Find Maps on the list and if there is an update option, tap on it.


Solution 6: Clear Maps cache and data

Clearing Maps cache and data can solve the issue as well. Go to Settings > Applications > Application Manager. Swipe to All tab and find Maps. Tap on it and then tap Clear cache and Clear data.


Solution 6: Perform a soft reset

With a soft reset, you will be able to refresh your phone without erasing the data. This is helpful in solving GPS problems on your phone. To perform a Soft reset, press and hold the Volume Down and Power button together for 10 seconds. Your Note 5 will restart and once it is on again, try to use the GPS and check if it is working properly.

Perform a soft reset
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If it still does not show any improvement and your problem remains, then there is a possibility that the problem may exist in the antenna of the phone. Take your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to a professional at the Samsung store where your phone can be checked and if it is under warranty then you will be able to replace your phone.



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