How To Fix Galaxy Alpha Fast Battery Drain Problem

Are you facing Galaxy Alpha Fast Battery Drain Problem? The battery life of this smart phone has become a big problem to the Galaxy alpha users because most of them are complaining that the battery does not last for long, it drains very quickly, which is not expected at all.

If you are one among those who have been troubling with Galaxy Alpha Fast Battery Drain Problem, then here are some useful tips for you following which you can extend the battery life of your phone.

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Galaxy Alpha Fast Battery Drain Problem

Galaxy Alpha Fast Battery Drain Problem

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Steps To Fix Galaxy Alpha Fast Battery Drain Problem

> When you are not using features like Bluetooth, GPS, wifi or 3G on your phone, switch to GSM Only Mode. It will automatically turn off these features but the basic functions will keep running, and thus it will extend the battery life.

> Turn the wifi off when you are not using it. To off this option, drag down the notification bar and turn the option off. Receiving signals from an outside source stress, the battery and the battery life gets reduced.

> When you are not using the camera app, close this app, it will save huge power.

> Do not set any live wallpaper as the movement of the screen will burn more battery power as like the camera app.

> Proper maintenance of battery is important. Put the phone in charge when the battery drops to 10%, avoid charging via USB, always use original AC charger and keep your phone away from extreme temperature.

> Check if the phone system is up to date going to Settings > Device > Install system updates > Check now.

> Lastly calibrate your phone’s battery. To do that drain the phone battery until it refuses to turn on. Take out the battery, wait for 5-7 seconds and put the battery in. Now put the phone in charge when the phone is off. When the phone charges 100%, take the charger off and again charge the phone to get 100%. Now turn on the phone.

These steps should solve Galaxy Alpha Fast Battery Drain Problem and will extend the battery life.

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