How to Fix Firefox Not Responding Error

Firefox is among the most favorite browsing tools with excellent design and utility. It comes with different add-ons that are highly functional. There is no doubt that Firefox is one of the top-rated Internet browsers used worldwide. However, despite of its great functionality, some users are having problems with it. One of the most common problems encountered in using Firefox is Not Responding error. Below are some effective solutions in fixing Firefox not responding error.


 How to Fix Firefox Not Responding Error

Have you experienced using Firefox then suddenly it hangs and stopped working? It is pretty annoying right? Well, here are the best solutions that will help you deal with Not Responding error on Firefox:


Solution 1: There are instances that graphics card and graphics setup causes Firefox to slow and hang. To fix the problem, turn off hardware acceleration. Open Firefox window > go to Firefox tab on the upper left > click Options > go to Advanced panel > General tab > uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available. Go back to Firefox tab and click exit to restart Firefox.


Solution 2: Sometimes, Firefox not responding error when you are downloading files then you quit Firefox. Probably, the browser hangs because of corrupted places database. To solve it, you must create a new places database. (NOTE: Creating a new places database will erase your browsing history and bookmarks.) To create a new places database, open Firefox > go to Firefox tab on the upper left of Firefox Window > go to Help > click Troubleshooting Information > go to Application Basics > click Show Folder to open Firefox profile folder > change places.sqlite to places.sqlite.old if the file exist.Restart Firefox. It will then create a new places database.


Solution 3: Outdated plugins may also cause Firefox to slow and hand. Thus, you have to re-initialize your plugins database and update plugins. Go to Firefox tab >Help > click Troubleshooting Information. Go to Application Basics section > click Show Folder > delete pluginreg.datfile. Go back to Firefox tab and click exit to restart Firefox. Type about:plugins on the location bar to show list of plugins. Update all outdated plugins by clicking update button on each plugin.


Solution 4: Multiple copies of Firefox’s Session Restore may also cause Not Responding error. You have to delete duplicated Session Restore files. Go to Firefox tab > Help > Troubleshooting Information > under Application Basics section, click Show Folder > exit Firefox > delete sessionstore.js and some of its duplicated file from the folder.


Solution 5: If the above solutions did not help you with Firefox not responding error, reset to its factory default settings. Open Firefox > click on Firefox tab on the upper left > click Help and select Troubleshooting Information > click Reset Firefox > click Reset Firefox on the confirmation dialogue box to continue > click finish to restart Firefox

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