How to Fix DNS Problems in Windows 10

Nowadays, we rely heavily on the Internet and its help for even the most trivial of things. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But what do you do when your Internet stops working? You call your IPS, of course, but what if it’s not them, it’s you? Instead of waiting for a support team to show up (this can take 2 or 3 days even in the worst of cases), you can also try to fix it yourself. Sometimes, not being able to complete your Internet connecting process can be caused by DNS problems.

Free Tools that Work

Although dealing with a DNS problem sounds like something that needs to be left to the pros, that’s not always the case. In fact, you can fix some of these issues yourself at home and not depend on anyone for it. There is a free tool called Clean_DNS available out there that can help you clean your DNS cache and get things back on track in no time. All you need to do is first and foremost download and install the tool on your computer. Keep reading to find out what the complete process consists of. It’s very easy, you’ll see!

How to Proceed

Then, open it and click on the Control button. The program’s interface is quite fussed free, so finding it should be easy. This will scan your computer for problems that might have caused the DNS hiccup. After the problem is identify, you can click on Repair in order to fix it. More often than not, this is successful. Think of Clean_DNS as a more reliable Troubleshooter. If the process isn’t fully completed after the operation is done, you might need to reboot your computer in order for things to go back to normal.

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