Firefox Multi-account Container Add-on Has Been released By Mozilla

Firefox Multi-account Container Add-on was firstly released by Mozilla as part of the organization’s Test Pilot program. We remind you that the Test Pilot is showcasing the new features that Mozilla is releasing for Firefox, to understand better what users like and what they don’t enjoy using.

The first time when Mozilla has brought Container Tabs to the Test Pilot program was back in June 2016. This feature was spotted once again when the company has released a new Container Tabs Test Pilot Experiment.

This add-on is allowing you to separate websites by grouping them into containers. In other words, each container will maintain its own set of cache, local storage and cookies. This is very useful especially if you sign into the same website using multiple accounts.

Firefox Multi-Account Container

We have to mention that the Firefox Multi-Account Container is working on all Firefox versions starting with 51 (AMO) or 53 (GitHub). However, the Firefox 57 Nightly users will be asked to download the add-on from GitHub.

If you are using the Firefox 57 Nightly version you will need to set the preference “extensions.legacy.enabled” to true and the preference “xpinstall.signatures.required” to false or else this add-on will not function.

The first preference will enable support for legacy extensions, while the second one will disable the lock that prevents unsigned add-ons from being installed. Keep in mind that you are able to use up to 4 default containers, but you can also create your own containers.

Websites can be launched in containers by right-clicking on the links and selecting “open link in new container tab” option that’s found in the context menu. You also have the ability to open a new container tab first and then just use bookmarks or the address bar to load websites into the container.

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