Firefox 64-bit will automatically update the 32-bit version of the browser on 64-bit computers

According to reports, once the Firefox 56 version will be launched, your browser will “silently” auto-update the 32-bit Firefox version to the 64-bit one. As expected, this will happen to the owners of 64-bit computers that are still running the 32-bit version of Firefox.

Mozilla didn’t always provide a 64-bit version of Firefox and this means that there are many people out there that have the Firefox 32-bit version installed on their 64-bit rigs. We remind you that the first Firefox 64-bit version was released back in December 15, 2015, when the version of the browser was 43.

Since then, Mozilla has continuously worked on the 64-bit version of the browser and in the summer of 2016 it has decided that it will focus the development of Firefox on the 64-bit version.

Mozilla claims that only 30% of the 64-bit Windows users are using the 64-bit version of Firefox. This means that about 70% of Firefox users on 64-bit Windows are still using the 32-bit version of the browser.

Well, Mozilla is planning to bring these 70% of Firefox users to the right track, but they will do this ONLY if the computers have more than 2GB of RAM. Mozilla claims that 92% of Windows users have more than 2GB of RAM, which means that most 32-bit Firefox users on 64-bit Windows will probably receive the auto-update sometime in September 2017.

At the same time, with the release of Firefox 55, Mozilla is planning to modify the Windows installer in order to make the 64-bit Firefox version by default eligible for Windows 64-bit and 2GB of RAM. We remind you that currently, the Windows installer will take you to the 32-bit version by default, even if you have a 64-bit platform with 2GB of RAM.

The Firefox version 56 is expected to be released on September 26, 2017, while the Firefox 55 will be launched on August 8, 2017.

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