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Firefox 55 Asks you to Activate Flash Player When Flash Content Is Available

Flash Player is starting to be replaced by HTML5, but at a very low pace. This means that it will take a while until all websites will stop using the player developed by Adobe. Unfortunately for Adobe, its Flash Player has been facing some security issues for quite a while and for some reason, the company has not managed to fix them all until now.

In fact, the company has started patching these issues more frequently only after it has noticed that HTML5 is getting more and more popular. Well, it seems that Mozilla has decided to bring an option to the upcoming Firefox version 55 that will be released later this year.

According to Mozilla, the new Firefox 55 will come with a plug-in that it’s going to “Ask To Activate” the Flash Player whenever it detects a Flash content on a website. This means that Flash content will play only once you will manually authorize it.

We remind you that Flash has already been blocked on Google Chrome, but you can manually activate it by heading to the browser’s settings. At the same time, it is not available in Opera and it is “click to play” in Internet Explorer. Microsoft has also decided to not even allow it on Microsoft Edge, but let’s face it… there are not many people who are using Edge, even if it comes along with the Windows 10 OS.

We also remind you that the Firefox 55 will be the first version that will move directly from Nightly build to BETA, after Mozilla has decided to ditch the Aurora channel. Firefox 55 is expected to be released on August 8, 2017, but the BETA users can already test it out.

What are your thoughts about Adobe Flash Player? Will you keep allowing it to run on Firefox 55?

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  1. I think instead of trying to remain compatible with sites still using flash, the better solution would be to silently ignore it – and adding the whole site to the virus blacklist.

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