Fire Emblem: Release Date, News and Trailers

Fire Emblem: Release Date, News and Trailers

It is a tactical, fantasy role-playing game franchise, developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. The game was first produced for the Family Computer, with the series consisting of fifteen main games and three spin-offs. and Fire Emblem: Three Houses, marks the first proper game in this franchise, awaiting its release sometime in 2019.

Fire Emblem release date

In January 2017, Nintendo revealed that there was a Fire Emblem game in the making for Nintendo Switch and it might be released at some point in 2018. Then after a lengthy gap, came the news of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, that was officially unveiled by Nintendo at E3 2018, with the release delayed to 2019. During a Nintendo Direct on February 13 this year, the game got a release window of July 26 and the trailer that debuted during this event revealed certain factors of the game, although we have to wait for the entire story to unfold.

Fire Emblem release date

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – characters and story

The direct of February 2019 also revealed extraordinary details about the story of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. You will get the opportunity to choose between a female and a male avatar and assume the role of a young soldier working under their father known as Geralt. From here, you are showered with the chance to become a professor at the Academy of the Officers, a training school for the Church of Seniors. The Church is responsible for maintaining the balance of power between the three kingdoms of Fodlan, having their heirs and leaders.

As a professor, you can choose from the three houses to get a victory within the academy.  You can take a look at the details of the houses.

  • Black Eagles House – Edelgard is the leader of this house and the heir to the Adrestian Empire.
  • Blue Lions House – This house is headed by Dmitri, who is the heir to the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus.
  • Golden Deer House – Finally, the leader of this house is Claude and features students from the Leicester Alliance.

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the players will assume the role of customised mercenaries with the freedom to customise and assume names according to their interests. The introduction of the characters came in the trailer, along with the other characters playing their roles in the story-line. The game takes place in Fodlan, with regions ruled by three different kingdoms, from where the concept of the Three Houses emanates. Even though the Three Houses have lived peacefully after several years of war, the situation takes a different turn now.

The characters meet someone called Sothis while travelling with their father to the monastery present in the heart of the region and incorporates a player character to teach the others. Sothis is the spirit representing the Church of the Sothis where the monastery is situated and is home to students of all the three different houses. According to Nintendo, the player chooses to spearhead and teach students of one of the Three Houses, so that the players have the opportunity to decide and finally lead the students in different battles, across the land.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses trailer

During the lengthy trailer of the game at E3 2018, Fire Emblem: Three Houses turns out different from the recent games of Fire Emblem not only in the story, which is based on a school but also in the fact that it introduces a full 3D exploration of the areas. Although the gameplay is grid-based, the superior weapon triangle stays. The game intended for Nintendo Switch entails the return of the strategy of Intelligent Systems in the RPG series and consoles. The trailer also reveals a few screenshots of combat in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The game maintains the turn-based combat loop, where the characters lead the troops across the battlefield. You can also move with the characters at some point and interact with some of them, during the battle.

Fire Emblem News

Fire Emblem: Three Houses news

According to the latest update, the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses may be delayed to September. The official word, confirmed just about a couple of weeks ago, maintained that the release of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses, is still on track and the gamers can expect the release during the spring of 2019. This means that we are only a few months away from the actual release date. Although this could be the case, a UK retailer recently revealed that the release could be delayed to September 2019. Keeping in mind, the credentials of the retailer, this news could be ‘suspiciously’ true.

Nintendo has also shared with us, the first line of the theme song that is set to appear in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It has been shared on the official Twitter accounts and is likely to be featured on the Sound Selection USB stick, along with the limited edition. For the thick fans of the game and those who love the culture of Japan, they can check the Japanese version of the track as well.

The final word

Nintendo revealed way back in 2017 about the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but there was a long silence after that until the trailer appeared at E3 2018. The trailer contains plenty of interesting details about the game and a few changes, even though the original grid-based story stays. Although we may assume that the next Fire Emblem game can carry forward some of the mechanics introduced in Awakening and Fates, Fire Emblem: Three Houses may be a remake of the earliest games in the series. You can expect more updates about the Fire Emblem: Three Houses project online, while you wait out its actual release date and play the action-packed game in your mind till then!



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