How To Find A Single Word On Google Chrome Webpage

The websites very often have huge pages that contain extremely large amounts of text. Some people, in order to find the most interesting part of the text or any word, must perform a very long scrolling down the page. Thus, it is necessary to spend some time and read mostly everything on the page.  If you are spending a lot of time reading the text in order to find a single word or phrase, there is a little trick we are going to show you that will make your life a lot easier. Let’s see how to find a single word on Google Chrome webpage.

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How To Find A Single Word On Google Chrome Webpage

To find the containing word or word fragment on the site there is a very convenient way – use hotkeys. With the hotkeys, the seemingly trivial task becomes even simpler.

You can use these keys for the search of words on the page: F3 or using the key combination Ctrl + F.

Also, this key combination is standard for all the browsers (Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, IE, and Safari).

After pressing the keys, under your browser’s toolbar, the search box will appear, in which you need to enter a word or a phrase, or only just a part of it.

As soon as you enter the letter, you will be automatically transferred to the first use of the word or a fragment of the page. The word that is found first will be highlighted in orange color and the rest will be highlighted in yellow. If the word you searched isn’t found on the page, you will see the red colored “0 of 0” in the search bar.

You can use the arrow keys in the search menu, to quickly jump to the next or the previous result.

This is how with just a few keys, you can easily find the most interesting part of the text or a word that you have been looking for without the need to read everything.





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