Black Friday: Find Out How To Get The ‘Best’ Deals Early On

Black Friday: Find Out How To Get The ‘Best’  Deals Early On

Black Friday: Everybody loves a good deal, and when it comes to low prices, Black Friday feels like a holiday. Since November is already here, it is time to prepare your wallet for those sweet Black Friday deals. A few years ago, there was only one day for this, and the tradition was born in America, where it took place right after Thanksgiving.

However, Black Friday became international, and its success cannot be denied. As a result of that, most retailers have decided to offer at least a couple of days of sales. Nowadays Black Friday can even last for the entire month.

Since there is not much time left, you should start preparing yourself. Planning ahead is a significant advantage if you want a chance to snap up some fantastic deals. We have developed a short guide that should make you ready for the Black Friday challenge early on.

The date

You should know that the official Black Friday date for this year is 29 November. It usually takes place after Thanksgiving. While this is not a 24-hour event anymore, there is a big chance that there will be major sales during that day, so keep it in mind. If you know this, there is a higher chance to get a great deal.

Early deals

Most stores offer early deals as well, and you don’t want to miss them, as they might end sooner than you’d imagine. Online searches should help you discover all the early deals, and you can even find Facebook groups where users share the deals they have spotted.

Keep an eye on big retailers

If you are looking for some early deals, you want to start with major retailers. They are the ones who can afford a Black Friday event that lasts for days or even weeks. Amazon is one of the top retailers when it comes to this, and numerous tech items will be available for sale. If we take a look back at the previous years, we can see that there were even discounts on fashion and jewelry. Nonetheless, the fact that it just an online store might be a disadvantage.

Tesco also comes with numerous impressive discounts. You can get them online, or you can pay a visit to the store. However, it is more likely to find better deals in the store, so you might want to head over there.

Be informed

As we mentioned before, Black Friday does not last just for a day anymore. Therefore, it is essential to know the exact date when products will be discounted. This depends on the store, so you need to do a little bit of research on your own. If you already know which kinds of items you want to buy, you should head over to the stores’ websites and check out the period for their Black Friday sales.

For example, you might find stores that only offer discounts for the Black Friday weekend, while other retailers have sales the entire month. You can write down the dates so that you’ll know when you should check out their offers. This way, you will be there when the sales begin, and you won’t miss anything. Don’t forget about other retailers such as GameStop, eBay, Argos, ASOS and others.

Make a list

Black Friday happens just once per year, so you don’t want to miss your chance of buying the product you were dreaming about for so long. The Black Friday rush can be a bit overwhelming, so it happens to forget about certain things. This is why you should be prepared.

Write down all the new items you need. For example, if you want to purchase a new TV, you should have something in mind already. Decide which type of device you want and think about the stores that have it. This way, when Black Friday arrives, you will be able to check the important items first.

Don’t be afraid to come up with a more extensive list. If you can get something you need at half a price, why not do it? You shouldn’t forget about your loved ones either. Even though it is only November, Christmas is not that far away. You can think about the presents that you would like to buy and see if you can find some deals for them. It will be almost impossible to shop for gifts during the Christmas rush, so it is better to get them earlier.

Once you have a list, it will be very simple to find some deals for the items that you want. You will know exactly which websites and stores to check and what products to look for.

Cyber Monday

You shouldn’t forget about Black Friday’s little brother either. Cyber Monday is the event of another related sale, and this one comes with some amazing deals for various gadgets and devices. You should be able to find some deals already, and there will be a lot more during the actual event.

Therefore, if you want to buy some tech products, you might want to pay attention to Cyber Monday as well. While big retailers might have sales for everything, you might find better deals offered by tech stores, as they combine two events. Cyber Monday takes place three days after Black Friday, and it falls on 26 November this year.

Compare the prices

Even if you are excited to get a good Black Friday deal, you shouldn’t make the purchase right away. There might be other retailers that have a better deal. You should use a website such as in order to compare the prices of products.

Another trap that you want to avoid is a false deal. Certain stores raise their prices before Black Friday only to lower them back again during the event. While trustable retailers don’t do that, you should be careful anyway. If you know which items you are going to buy, it is recommended that you check their prices a few weeks before the event. This way, you will know if there is truly a discount.

Best days for deals

You should know that there are good days for each category of products. If you look around online, you should find a couple of guides that offer you all the information that you need. Adobe has put together some interesting details on sales days.

For example, if you want to buy Christmas decorations, it is recommended that you do it before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is also a great day for shopping. For example, you will save 16% on computers, 11% on sporting goods and 15% on apparel.

During the actual Black Friday event, it is recommended that you take a look at tablets, televisions, jewelry, and appliances. Usually, you won’t be able to find too many computers in stock on Black Friday. There are some great discounts for televisions and tablets, and you can save up to 24%.

The following Monday is Cyber Monday. Tech deals should be available, although you might discover that many stores are out of stock when it comes to popular devices. According to the Adobe guide, this day is great for toys, and you can save 19 %.

Mail subscriptions

If you want to be the first one who finds out about the early Black Friday deals, but you don’t want to check retailers’ websites regularly, you might want to take advantage of their mail subscription. Offer them your e-mail, and you will receive ads about their latest deals. Obviously, this includes the Black Friday deals. This means that you will have all the information you need right in your inbox and you can check out the discounts instantly.

If you have prepared a list with all your favorite websites, you can pay them a visit and sign up for their email newsletters. Make sure that you do this while you still can. It is recommended that you sign up for emails at least one week before Black Friday since it might take a while until your email address is added to their list, and you receive their ads.

Online stores versus brick and mortar stores

Both online stores and brick and mortar stores have Black Friday deals. And they both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are planning to do some online shopping, you should be prepared. During the Black Friday event, many websites might go down due to the high number of visitors.

Brick and mortar stores have their risks as well. We’ve all seen videos of customers almost fighting each other in order to reach the shelves. Make sure that you stay safe and don’t bring your children with you. Black Friday shopping is not always aggressive, but you will have to spend a lot of time standing in line, and your kid will definitely want to skip this.



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