Find out Apple’s Serious Problem On Inferior Hardware

There are lots of reasons to eagerly wait for Apple’s new iPhones. They will be less expensive, have innovative technology, and come in different sizes. Unfortunately, one of Apple’s partners has a problem which also makes it the company’s one.

George Davis, Qualcomm’s financial chief, says that because of Apple’s revenue, some cutting-cost moves will be made including the usage of inferior hardware in core components of its new iPhones, according to CNet.

“Apple intends to solely use our competitor’s modems rather than our modems in its next iPhone release,” affirms Davis.

By competitor, Davis refers to Intel which is not as good as Qualcomm’s modems that deliver a better 4G and 3G performance. These statistics were drowned out of a test including both the Qualcomm and Intel modems. There were 570,000 tests effectuated by users on AT&T and other 500,000 individual ones on T-Mobile with both showing the same average of download speeds. These range from 53-68% on a typical download process and in the worst case they measured the speeds being 97-192% faster.

These numbers are not small at all. An if you even calculate this in time, Qualcomm modems also facilitate users to release the waste of it.

Apple Serious Problem

After such reveals, we are personally wondering why Apple would make such a move from Qualcomm to Intel. There is a reason behind it which is mainly about Qualcomm and Apple’s legal battle. This fight is very fresh, and it becomes longer as it starts being even more acrimonious. Their argument is based on royalty disputes and patent infringement. Unfortunately, the two companies will part ways instead of making up, and the buyers along Qualcomm and Apple will be the facilities losers. But it was pretty much estimated.

It disappoints the future buyers even more as 5G is about to be implemented. Intel is not as close as its rival on this technology. Qualcomm has been working on the 5G smartphone for a long while, and it is about to be launched.

The upcoming iPhone trio with an iPhone 9 aka budget iPhone X, an iPhone X measuring 5.8 inches and the Plus version being a huge 6.5-inched smartphone, will have this move as a black mark. Apple will need to face the consequences.

This brand new decision from Apple may be the reason behind its iPhones being less expensive, aside from the LCD screened budget iPhone 9.

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