How To Find Your Dream Job

What is  your dream job?

A dream job is doing something that you are enthusiastic about while earning money. You are driven by passion and not monetary value. If you can describe your career like this, chances are you have your dream job. There is enough time if you are still searching for it.

“I hate my job”

” I don’t want to go work.”

These statements are uttered by people who are stuck in an industry that they hate.  Why don’t they change jobs? People stayed for years because they have responsibilities. They are scared to quit and chase their dreams. Taking risks and making sacrifices are essential in landing your dream job. Most successful persons will tell  you that their journey includes risks and sacrifices. Nothing worth having comes easy.

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Getting qualified

Education and training are helpful to those who want to be competent in their field. The dream job you want may need qualifications and you have to go to school and get your credentials. Getting qualifications will help you to be more marketable. Before you establish that, you need to know what is it you truly love? Do you like to work for people or be your own boss?


Trial and Error Process

Truth is, this is not easy and many people have to go through a trial and error process. Some people are lucky to find their dream at a young age and continue forward. The first job you get is not usually your dream job. It is usually the starting point, a path that will lead you to the dream job. This experience will help you to consider what you want in a work environment and what you don’t. What you like and what you dislike. For example, you have a job at this moment, but you don’t interact with people that much. You may figure out that you like interacting with people and that you simply miss that interaction in your current workplace. You have discovered something about what your dream job should entail. It is good to continue and search for jobs that fulfill your criteria and then move forward. If you have to get qualifications, do that.



Sometimes volunteering in the industry can help you gain experience. This is good if you want to be sure that this is something you would like to do as a career. If it is not something you enjoy you can then start searching again. This will be advantageous as you have not fully committed to the job you do as you volunteer. If you find you enjoy the work as a volunteer then you will be a better position to get employment. Volunteering leads to employment.


Think about the work environment

This can be helpful. Consider if you prefer working on your own, or to be a part of the team. If you like to work solo, you may find that fitting in the team is hard for you and vice versa. Would you like to work for a big company where competition between co-workers is highlighted, or would you like to work in a smaller but perhaps friendlier environment? Do you like to hang out with your co-workers after the job is done? Answering all these questions can help you be one step closer to your dream job.


Talents can lead to a fulfilling career

Sometimes talents can lead to a fulfilling career. If you like to write then you can generate a source of income from publishing books, creating blogs and even becoming an editor. A person who is  good at sports  can become a professional athlete. In this case, it is easy to turn your passion into a fulfilling career. It is  also easy to recognize that you are naturally gifted.  Do you have any talent? Think about using your talent to generate income.



Trying new and exciting things can inspire you and you may discover that you are really good at something. You may take classes, for instance, cooking, drawing, writing, design, etc. Watch YouTube videos. There are tons of tutorials you may try, and why not? You never know. There are many people who discovered their passion this way, and even switched careers once they figured out they are good at something. Talk to people around you and learn more about what they do. Get information about various jobs, qualifications and skills that are needed. Inspiration is everywhere.


Wrapping it up – do what makes you happy

Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t know what you want. You may find a job you don’t consider to be a dream one right at the start, but you may find happiness. That is what a dream job is all about. It is not about money and prestige, it is about passion and inspiration. A dream job will give you more than just a payment for the effort. It will give you fulfillment, it will help you to improve yourself and it will highlight the best in you.


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