Final Fantasy VII Remake to Launch at E3 2018 – Possible Trailer and HD Screenshots

Final Fantasy VII Remake to Launch at E3 2018 – Possible Trailer and HD Screenshots

Square Enix has officially announced The Final Fantasy VII Remake available only for PlayStation 4. The game is still being developed, but you can already access a pre-order on Amazon.

The last time the company had declared something related to the game is when Nobuo Uematsu was confirmed to work on the music for the game. So, Square Enix hasn’t shown much lately. This has recently been topped by a new glimpse at a new screenshot from an update to Square Enix’s job recruitment page.

The first edition of The Final Fantasy VII

The game was first launched in 1997 for the PlayStation platform but compatible with others such as Microsoft Windows, Android or iOS. Despite being the seventh in the Final Fantasy series, it was the first to have a PAL release. It was also the first to have 3D graphics and character models. Over the past few years, the game has been highly praised and remains the company’s landmark title. It did not only make an excellent profit for Square Enix but it popularized the Japanese role-playing games worldwide.

Its success has determined the emerging of a multimedia subseries named Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and an HD-remake for the PlayStation 4. But it also leads to speculations that the company would later release a remake – it was announced in 2015 for PlayStation 4.

What it has to offer?

In 2015, the Square Enix’s director Tetsuya Nomura announced at E3 that the game would have changed regarding the combat system, graphics and storyline. Since then, not much has been revealed until May 2018 when we finally got a glimpse of an image spotted on the Naoko Hamaguchi’s computer, the Business Division 1’s development leader.

It showcases a new updated model for the Air Buster boss – a techno-solider emerged from the twisted ideas at Shinra R&D and one of the first bosses encounters – and a what it seems to be a part of the UI with the main character Cloud at the bottom. This image was spotted by the user DKHF 4 who posted a cropped and a bit blurry version of it on Twitter.

At the recent Final Fantasy 30th anniversary event in Tokyo, Yoshinori Kitase, Tetsuya Nomura, and Naoki Hamaguchi have spoken about the game’s future. According to a translation published on the Lifestream Forums, it is possible to have a Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer in the future. They had an optimistic attitude towards this project, saying that they are working on the game and that the progress is a smooth one. At this stage, they are adding more and more information into the game. After everything is put into its place and work in better graphics, fans will be delighted with new footage immediately.

It is not certain if its placement on the job recruitment page was done on purpose or as a teaser for the development of the game or even as a hint at a trailer reveal during The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018.

Will Square Enix announce it at E3?

Fans might get what they want this June. Square Enix has announced that it will hold a pre-recorded presentation at E3 2018 in which the future projects of the company will be showcased. The last time the company held an E3 presentation it lead to the Final Fantasy VII Remake announcement.

However, there’s no other indication outside of the date and hour – Monday, June 11 at 10 AM PDT/1PM EDT/6pm BST. Not only will the company hold this presentation but it could present other great games such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Kingdom Hearts 3 and the secret Avengers game.



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