Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date has been Confirmed – Read for More Details

Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date has been Confirmed – Read for More Details

Final Fantasy VII fans have been waiting for a long time for a new release from their favorite game franchise. And, sadly enough, it looks like the wait is not over and that they may have to add a couple of years to it to see the game become a reality. This does not mean that the game is not worth the wait. We will not spoil why we believe this just now; you will have to read more to find out the exact reason behind our statement. We are not doing this to lead you on but the argument behind out report is a more complicated one, and it takes into account some things.

Release window confirmed

Here is the story behind our statement. So, on the Lifestream forums, a user decided to upload the recording of a conversation between Kitase, Hamaguchi and the character designer from Square Enix, named Tetsuya Nomura. This recorded discussion happened back at the start of the year, in January of 2018, at the 30th-anniversary event for Final Fantasy. This recording was uploaded and translated by a user named “hian”. We can only thank him or her for giving us more information regarding the release date of the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

What did they talk about?

Well, during the recording they talked about a number of topics but what we are interested in is the chat between Hamaguchi and Kitase. They were talking about some changes that they are planning on making for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

They talked about the fact that the progress on the game is going along as planned and that some of the things that they are working on are “something we’ve never seen before”. This will surely get fans hyped more than they were before if that thing is even possible.

However, the most important topics were discussed after Nomura left the conversation. Hamaguchi started to apologize out of the blue for the long wait concerning the details of this game. The two then began to talk about the fact that they want the launch of Final Fantasy VII Remake to happen before the franchise’s 35th anniversary, which takes place in 2023. So this means that fans have at best five years of waiting left until they can get their hands on this game.

Could it be released sooner?

Most fans must have had this question on their minds. Ever since the game was announced back during E3 2015, fans have had little information to go along aiding their wait period. They have already waited for three years to get this game, and it looks like they may have to wait five years more. However, this may not be the case.

The waiting period could be shortened due to the moves that Square Enix has started to make. First of all, they pulled the project from the third-party studio CyberConnect2 which means that they have full control over the changes and developments done to the game. Moreover, they recently signed Nobuo Uematsu.

Hardcore fans know exactly who he is so we do not need to refresh their memory, but we will talk about the work that he has put into the Final Fantasy franchise for those that have just started to learn more about this fan favorite game. Nobuo Uematsu was the composer for the original Final Fantasy VII. This means that the gaming studio is planning on getting people that worked on the initial game. We think that this means that the game will have familiar features that the original Final Fantasy VII had.

Is it worth the wait?

Are eight years that worth it? This may have been the question on most of the fans’ minds when they first heard about the release date of the game. So, let us give our opinion on this matter. If the game studio has decided to bring people on board that have worked on the original game then that means that they are planning on creating a remake that keeps a lot of the unique elements of the game that fans fell in love with while also adding a number of new features that will make players play the game over and over again.

Our hopes of finding anything new before 2023 would be during the E3 video that Square Enix will probably pre-record. Maybe while it plays the company will decide to talk more about the game, even if the information that they will choose to give will not be a lot. The smallest bits of info count for the hardcore.

However, one of the good things to come out of this extended wait period is the fact that the game will not come out in episodes, as it was previously believed. So, even if fans have to wait a couple of years to see the game be launched, they will play the full version of it.

Game features

Now, if you think like us, you may have wondered by now what features did Kitase and Hamaguchi refer to when they said that this game will look like nothing that the franchise has ever seen before. We believe that we will get to see a smoother game experience, with better graphics than the original Final Fantasy VII. We may even get to see more character development or perhaps even some side mission that help enrich the main storyline. This all remains to be seen, but we can’t help ourselves from speculating about what is going to happen with the game.

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