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The Fight against Fake News Goes On

Lately, it seems that most social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp, have been taken aback by the amount of fake and inaccurate news that appeals to gullible people worldwide. But they are not the only ones to blame. The search engines also carry a part of the blame, and this includes Google.

Major Part in Spreading Fake News

And for true reason, Google and Bing, together with the rest of the search engines, are used to spread around all sorts of fake news that may even freak out people. In the last months, Google has been trying really hard to stop this phenomenon and took some measures to control it. Encouraged by the success of their first measures, now they made public some important changes they want to make so that the system will not allow questionable content to circulate anymore.

How Are They Doing It?

We all know that it’s quite complicated to monitor all the content that runs through Google, so we have to appreciate their effort. Their approach is to use manual monitoring, which means human assistance. It is indeed a different approach than the regular one that relies on algorithms and machines, but nothing can equal a clear human mind when it comes to good news.

As such, Google will employ more and more human assistance, and the employers will evaluate the accuracy of the search results overall. The evaluators however will not affect directly the page ranks of the individual web pages, but instead they will just flag the result.

More than that, Google is also making their users a part of the solution. As a user, you now have the chance to give various feedback and to flag results you find inappropriate or inaccurate. Only together we can keep a clean web browser, or so they claim.

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